How to order a dream

Sleep takes a lot of our time, and, you see, it is foolish not to derive benefit from this important part of life. The main purpose of sleep is rest, recuperation, but these are not all of its functions: sleep can predict and notify us of events, in a dream we live a second equally interesting life and we can also find answers to important questions.

It is only at first glance, dreams are an incomprehensible and magical area, in fact dreams can be our good helpers and advisers. How many stories remember cases when people came up with solutions to many problems in their dreams, or even dreamed of great discoveries that no one could have thought of in ordinary life. Likewise, you can not just sleep, but reach out to the higher forces to help you in your sleep. So, is it possible to order a dream and how to do it?

Conditions for the correct order of sleep

  1. Ordering a dream should be done at a familiar comfortable place, and if you are going to do it on a new bed or not sleeping at home, it may not work.
  2. If you are in a tired state, under the influence of alcohol, or just feel unwell, it is better to postpone this technique for another time.
  3. It will be very good before ordering sleep to lie in a warm bath, drink milk with honey to completely relax before bedtime.

Sleep order

Absolutely any dream can be ordered. You already do this often. Yes, yes, it is you ordering your dreams, not particularly concentrating on the order. Just some kind of plot can unconsciously enthrall you so much that it will come in a dream. This may be when watching a fascinating film, the plot of which turned out to be so exciting that in a dream you yourself were there at the place of the main character, or when reading an interesting book for the night. It so happens that a person is very worried about some kind of problem or unresolved situation with a person, work or something else to such an extent that this problem does not give him peace in his sleep. The problem can come in the form in which it exists in real life, and maybe in the form of a bizarre image that personifies the problem.

So, since we can unknowingly order a dream, then why don't we do it purposefully. You can order anything for yourself - meet with a certain person, feel the right emotions (for example, find yourself in a situation that will allow you to become a more confident person), or just be in a classy place that you have long been dreaming of visiting.

What is required for this? It's pretty simple: two hours before going to bed, try to concentrate your thoughts on what you want to see in a dream. And while lying in bed, close your eyes and dream exactly how you would like to see yourself in a dream, in what setting, think over even small details. Only an important condition: you shouldn’t do any serious or interesting things during these two hours before sleep, otherwise they can devour you so much that they will kill the ordered dream, and the percentage of its fulfillment will be very low. Under chores means watching movies, emotional conversations, reading, listening to music, work, in general, all that will prevent you from being relaxed and tune in to sleep. The calmer the state and the smaller your head will be filled with other thoughts, the higher the chances of ordering sleep.

Resolving issues in a dream

Dreams can also help you solve a sore problem or find answers to important questions. To do this, a few hours before bedtime, ask yourself an interesting question and direct all your energy to its solution. This question should be a bold sentence in your head and overshadow the entire consciousness, and immediately before going to bed also concentrate on the question. Just do not think about what might be the solution to this issue and lose all the options. You do not know any answer, you are just concerned about the question, the solution of which you are waiting in a dream, that's what you should think about. The answer to the question will come to you unconsciously in a dream, and its solution can sometimes be very unexpected.

After waking up, immediately recall your problem and try to find the answer in a dream. It may be that the answer did not come at all, then try your strength the next day, asking yourself the same question in the evening. You can do this no more than three times, that is, if there hasn’t been an answer for three days in a row, then you should stop looking for a solution to this issue for a while. So, the universe believes that you still should not know the answer to this question, everything has its time. It’s still not worth asking a few questions to your consciousness in one evening, it’s still not going to work out a good result, because consciousness tends to focus most deeply on only one question, and by asking many questions you will only waste your time and energy.

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You may not be able to succeed immediately, but, as with any technique, it is important to try your strength again and again until it works out. When you can order dreams with ease, you can move on to deeper dream techniques.

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