How to manage your mood

Good mood and positive thoughts lead to success and a positive result always and in any business. Mood - our psychological state, depending on the emotions that we experience, so all people and events play a big role in our daily life. And what to do if something spoiled the mood or since the morning everything went wrong and it seems that the day is ruined?

Our mood is in our hands

Can we somehow manage our mood? Yes. All in our power. If we look deeply at the issue of human capabilities, then we learn that a person is capable of incredible things, for example, they say that yogis do the impossible and work wonders: they can pierce their necks and breasts through with a needle, without serious consequences; instantly fall asleep at any time of the day and be light on the rise. They also have the ability to change the temperature of their body; speed up or slow the heartbeat ... Is it not miracles? Well talk about how to manage your own mood.

There is a legend saying that people used to have abilities that in our time we are accustomed to call "supernatural" or "extrasensory." Without a language, to communicate with each other, they could read the thoughts of others, feel the pain of another person from a distance, and much more. Whether it really was, we will not know, but I would like to believe. Living in a modern developing city, people loaded with everyday problems and tired of the bustle of weekdays, and not as spiritually enlightened as yoga or Tibetan monks, often meet fatigue, irritability, anxiety, as a result - with depression. there is the only way to deal with a negative emotional state is to understand that everything depends only on us and our mood is in our hands!


So, if a good mood has escaped from you for any reason, we advise you to perform some simple actions, and first of all smile at all adversities in your face! It is a smile that can save you when it seems to you that a black stripe has come in your life.

Try to pull a smile on your face and hold it for 3 minutes. Already heard about it? But you never tried! The time has come!

Look at your favorite

Take a look in the mirror (you can still with a smile from ear to ear), look carefully, because you are beautiful! Smile again, only sincerely - see how the glitter of your eyes adds charm! Love yourself, learn to love the way it is: with folds, pits, freckles ... Tell yourself out loud "Oh, how beautiful I am!" and believe it.

Look at the world in a different way.

Open the window and inhale the fresh air! Or rather, go outside to the park, enjoy the sun or feel the freshness of the spring day.

Look at the world with different eyes: in a hurry about our business, we used to ignore the simple beauty of nature. Around you are not the scenery, but a living wonderful world: trees, birds .. This is all life! Just walk without a goal, with your thoughts, or accompanied by an audiobook, music. Look at the world around us, see how children play, how much life and joy in them. Listen to the sounds of nature: the singing of birds, the rustling of foliage ... Inhale the air with a full chest!

Thoughts are material

Shoot out negative thoughts! After all, our thoughts are material, heard about it? Think positive and attract only positive emotions and positive people! The universe always hears and gives you what you ask for, that is, what you think about most often, no matter what is good or bad. Thus, it turns out a vicious circle: when we think that we are dissatisfied with our life, our salary, our bosses, and we curse everything and everyone, it doesn’t get better, everything just gets worse every day, and we get even more angry and say “everything is bad!” and so it goes; when we think about something positive, and we try to rejoice at elementary trifles - these trifles become more and more, and therefore our life becomes brighter and does not give reason to be sad!

Everything comes back to us

Remember that we receive exactly as much as we give! No different! So let's surround ourselves with joy? Do good and try not to be indifferent to other people's misfortunes, help others if it is in your power. Even elementary little things and signs of attention can be support for someone in a difficult moment. Tried to reward a passerby with a smile? Maybe this particular smile he lacked? Or maybe he will smile back, and then his heart will become warmer.

Have a laugh

Remember the funny incident from your life or the story you were told. Laugh again, as then, and the mood seems to come back from the past!

Read jokes, watch a good comedy, or an old family movie, finally meet up with your best friend / girlfriend - do they really need to know how to cheer you up ?!

Cheer yourself up

Solve the puzzle, solve the crossword puzzle, do what you always wanted, but did not find the time, arrange a day of discharge or even change the type of activity, get a hobby, get carried away with something! Find out something new, on the Internet so much information and other nonsense; Listen to some incendiary song, but loudly, but better still sing along and dance! Unleash your senses! This is especially good in the morning - the charge of cheerfulness does not hurt! There are still billions of ways in the world to lift the mood, the most important thing is not to succumb to despondency, to meet with a smile all the surprises and enjoy every moment! Every moment is a moment to change your life for the better!

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