How to make more money

Many dream of high earnings, but they just don’t know how to start acting and what should be done to do this. Someone thinks that in order to earn a lot you need to give up a lot, work 24 hours a day and only then success will come. Someone thinks that it is necessary to be cunning, to deceive, to act dishonestly in order to earn money.

Many misconceptions await us to stop us from acting and force us to fold our hands on the path to our goal. Below are possible misconceptions about making money, read them and maybe see yourself somewhere.

You are waiting for the right occasion

Every day you can find another excuse, the weather is bad, the head hurts, then so a lot of things, I will do it later, when there will be a more convenient moment. But meanwhile, the time of your life is inexorably going, and you will not be able to go back to it. The next time there are more substantial excuses, and when you completely miss the time for action, you will only have to regret that you have not done something, so start acting right now. Another big misconception is to think that at a certain point you will meet the right person and guide you along the right path. Of course, it happens that the help of a person comes in handy, but still, in most cases, the person is responsible for his life.

You are afraid of obstacles

You want to earn a large amount of money, while at the same time afford everything that you desire. But nothing just happens; money will not fall on you from the sky, they will be your reward for overcoming difficulties. Your very first difficulty is to decide on changes in your life and take the first step. Something similar can be observed in nature, when a caterpillar, to become a butterfly, passes through a hole in a cocoon. The difficulty lies in the fact that she must do it herself, otherwise, if you help her, the liquid will not go into the wings and the butterfly will not be able to fly.

It does not happen that, as if by magic, everything becomes good once and for all. Not necessarily that you have to overcome incredible difficulties, but still get ready that you will encounter certain obstacles. Difficulties to a certain extent check you, how ready you are to get what you want, and if you do not fold your arms, but if you persistently move to what you have planned, then difficulties will give up on you and go away.

You can infinitely long to think about whether I will succeed or not, or you can just take it and do it. And in fact, who really wanted, he already either achieved what he wanted, or goes forward, and the rest come up with excuses to their inaction.

You are stuck in the comfort zone

The comfort zone is the usual everyday affairs that do not frighten us and make our life as convenient and simple as possible. For some, this is a waste of time on the Internet, for someone empty talk on the phone, and for someone low-paid, but comfortable work without complications. So, how can you earn more by performing the same actions in the same workplace? You will have to change your schedule, your daily routine, or rather leave the comfort zone. The comfort zone is a vague concept, that is, if you change it, it is not necessary that you will be uncomfortable in the new zone, well, maybe only the first time, and then you will be happy and pleased in the new zone, and then there will be another step - the new zone comfort. The trick is that if you stay in one comfort zone for a long time, then the person relaxes and gets stuck in one place. Therefore, it is important from time to time to break your usual way of life and find a new comfort zone.

You think you have no talents

You are sure that others earn a certain amount, as they are much more talented, smarter, smarter and more enterprising than you. Or, all the time, you are being pulled to one thing or another, you don’t know where to stop, for fear that while you are doing something, you will lose precious time that you can use for what you really need. Do not be afraid of failures, we must be afraid of inaction. Many people who are now successful and earn large sums of money also did not always know what exactly they wanted to do and doubted whether they would succeed, but they simply put maximum effort into what they were undertaking.

If you have at least a little ability and interest in the case, then everything is in your hands. Any skill develops and improves. For example, when you learned to write, you didn’t think about whether it would work or not, you just stubbornly filled your hand with spelling, at first you got scary doodles, you were scolded, you might be upset, but in the end you started to appear quite understandable the words. The same with your profession, do not think about whether you can or can not, whether you need it or not, just try, make mistakes and get invaluable experience.

You do not believe that you will find suitable earnings

Now there are so many different ways to make money, the main thing is to do it with the soul. But do not immediately expect huge sums for your work, you will have to overcome a small milestone, when your income will stand in one place and then you need patience and diligence, if you show it, then income will begin to grow smoothly. All businessmen and large companies started something and some of them waited for success for several years.

Everything is not done right away, start approaching high earnings from small. You can not find a job that would suit you, try to offer your services. For example, you write excellent lyrics for songs, repair equipment, but at least cross-stitch, look for where you can sell your product and get paid for it. There are also many ways to make money on the Internet and contrary to popular belief that this is a hoax, you can get quite a decent job. When you have a stable income, you can think about how to improve your work, and accordingly increase your income.

You can not imagine your success

Throw away all thoughts about the fact that you can not earn a lot of money. On the contrary, imagine yourself rich and successful, a lot begins with thoughts, so start thinking in the right way. Spend some time with yourself and think about how your life would look like if you had a favorite job and high earnings, write it down on a piece of paper. Maybe you want to travel around the world, buy yourself a bunch of clothes, buy a house outside the city or become the owner of a sports car, write about everything the most colorful. Hang this leaf in a visible place and periodically look at it, presenting your happy life.

The Universe is important to know why you need money, if you just want to be rich, then the Universe will not understand why you need large incomes, and if you have clear desires and goals, then you only need to clearly convey this to the world. For information on how to work with visualization to achieve your goals, see the Wishing Map article.

After reading this article, many will think: "Interesting of course, but I'll think about it tomorrow". Stop, here it is The most important brake in any business is to put it off until later. Gradually, your interest will only fade, you will return to the usual way of life and soon completely forget about what you planned. The result is that you will continue to live as you have lived and earn quite mediocre, without having the motivation and time to increase your earnings. But if you want to change your life, then start the action right now.

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