How to make a collage of desires

We all want all sorts of things. How many people, so many desires. Someone wishes are fulfilled very quickly and easily, and someone beats for many years to achieve the desired. But the fulfillment of some cherished desires is not just a luxury, but a necessity for each of us. There are many techniques to speed up the process of fulfillment of desires, but one of the most effective methods is the collage of desires. It helps to determine exactly what we want and visualize our desires by placing them next to our own photo. But in order for the collage of desires to help us, we need to learn how to do it.

Rules for making a collage of desires

How to make a collage of desires?

Before you start making a collage, first write your wishes on a separate sheet. After that, distribute them into groups. The first group is long-term, desires that really require a long time to fulfill. The time of their execution is more than 6 months. The second group is short-term. The time of their execution is less than 6 months. The third group - intermediate goals. Desires that will help to fulfill the basic. The fourth group - impracticable goals that can not be physically accomplished, and goals independent of us. Rate your desires based on this grouping, and write down all the dates by which they must be fulfilled. Try to place in your collage not only long-term, but also short-term goals. Otherwise, you will be disappointed in the collage of desires you have created.

Advantages of computer desires collage

In the digital age you can make a collage of desires and on the computer. It will be in front of your eyes if you simply place it as a desktop background or, if necessary, you can easily call it. Also one of the advantages of the collage of desires, made on a computer, is the possibility of editing it. As soon as one of your desires is fulfilled, you can easily put another in its place.

How to make a collage of desires on a computer?

First, select a photo in which you are happy and place it in the center of the future collage. Here is your world and everything should revolve around you. In the photo you should be alone. Next, determine your desires. And start posting them around. For this you can use any photos and pictures from the Internet. The more expressive your desire is, the faster it will be fulfilled.

How to make a collage of desires?

Collage of desires on paper do it yourself

In order to make a collage of wishes with your own hands, take an A4 sheet and your favorite photo. Try to find some kind of joyful background on the whole sheet. Stick it, and place your photo in the center. Next, select the most vivid pictures that will best reflect what you want to have. Make for each picture your own inscription, which will also voice your desire. Place in your collage under the pictures prepared in advance affirmative phrases. Do not forget to write the dates by which you want to achieve the desired.

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How to make a collage of desires from words-affirmations?

If you do not want to look for suitable pictures, you can make a collage of desires with affirmations - positive statements, placing them around your photo. Such a collage can be done both on a computer and by hand, to whom, as it is more convenient. It is done quite simply. Put your photo in the center. Then write the words denoting different zones. These can be words: money, family, travel, fame, love, children, career, power. Next, under them, enter phrases that will help form a statement. For the love zone, the phrase: "I love money" will do. For the health zone: "My health is great." For a career: "I believe in my luck," and in the love zone, the phrase "I am loved" will be useful. Paste them, completing the collage.

How to make a collage of desires online?

On the Internet, there are programs that help create a collage of desires online and put it on your page. Here too is the highlight of placing your photo in the center of the file. Usually there are already ready pictures on the right to help you easily create your collage without additional search on the Internet.

How to make a collage of desires?

It is enough to choose from the pictures those that you like most. The buttons on the left are responsible for adding text to your desires collage. Text can be arranged in the form of different fonts by changing the color, style and size. Set the dates. When determining the dates, be prudent, big desires take a long time. When your wish is fulfilled, you can clear the collage and redo it. Save the finished collage and place it in a folder that you often open. Better yet, place it on your desktop, making it a background image. After all, it is very important to realize your collage of desires to see it daily. It will help you to feel as if your desires have already been fulfilled.

Making a collage of desires for Feng Shui

You can make a collage based on the current fashionable Feng Shui. Here is the main production of a collage on the first day of the growing moon. Create it in a good mood, getting great pleasure from the process. When making a collage on feng shui, be sure to place your photo in the center.

How to make a collage of desires in Photoshop?

To get started, select your favorite pictures and collect them in a separate folder. To make it easier to cut, place pictures on a white background. Next, create a new sheet by pressing Ctrl + N. Set the size to 900 by 700 pixels. To print a sheet, select the format of sheet A3 and A4. The rest is simple enough. Add a beautiful background and drag selected images onto it. To enhance the effect, you can add a shadow and frame. Pictures, if desired, can be placed in any order.

A collage of desires helps you focus your attention on them. And constantly thinking about your desires, your brain will find a way to get what you want. It remains only to build it, putting all your thoughts and feelings into it.

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