How to love yourself

As a child, you probably believed that you could, for example, walk through walls. Why did not go? Yes, there was simply no person who would support and show: the walls are only an illusion. All of you were taught to believe in impenetrable obstacles, saying: "It is difficult to live in the world. Life is a struggle, therefore fight!". And if you believed that the world is your Universe, in which you can do everything, where you create and create by your own rules, how would your life change? In such a world, it is enough for you to say: "If I lack love for myself, I can create it. I am a creator, and I can create love, put it into my heart, envelop myself with its light and give it to others." It remains only to believe and create their love. This can be done in a prayer to your Higher Self - This method suggests psychologist A. Palienko. Prayer is a special state of mind and consciousness, energy that grants healing. When you address yourself with a prayer, you bow down before yourself, you feel deep respect and trust and by that you already give yourself the command to be in Love.. Let's learn to make up your personal prayer and use it to love yourself.

Let there be love!

Take a piece of paper and write the phrase: "Let there be love!". These are key words. Feel them, penetrate deeply into their meaning. Say them consciously several times, experimenting with intonations. Below these words write the following phrases in the bar:

Because I ...

So I ...

After I ...

After all, I ...

When I...

While I...

Just as I ...

Now read these sentences and complete them. You do not need to invent phrases, just wait for the answer from the inside and write it down. After you receive the answers to the questions, the forces of your body become more active and will begin to realize the real embodiment of your command to the revival of Love. Feel it! Now get up and start reading your personal prayer. Each phrase you can hum with a smile, beat a hand or accompany the movement, playing voices. This will help consolidate the result. Indeed, in the work should be joy. If inside you there is resistance to the affirmed command, stop and say to yourself: "I am a creator. Everything is up to me!". Realize these words, repeat them three times, building up your strength, believe in them and continue to work. Say each line of your personal prayer, strengthening the feeling of grace in your soul until you feel that this phrase has become dear to you and natural.

Affirm Love in yourself!

Rewrite the prayer to your Higher Self, each line starting with the phrase "Let there be love." In the process, you can change and supplement the proposals, choosing a more suitable option. For example:

Let there be Love, because I am created for Love!

Let it be love, so I live!

May there be Love after I think about it!

Let there be Love, for I can only live this way: filling Love with every breath!

Let it be Love when I just wish!

May there be Love, while I open my heart and radiate more and more Love!

May there be Love, just as I exist here and now!

In doing this exercise, you will surely find it similar to reading affirmations — positive statements with which we fill our thoughts. As you read your prayer, visualize the light of Love, and you will have a sense of magic, joy, delight inside you. Repeat your personal prayer as often as you like, but at least once a day. During the day, remember her words at work or walking in the park. This will help you to keep and strengthen the feeling of Love within you. With each word spoken (and words should be spoken aloud) your confidence in your words will grow, as well as the awareness of your uniqueness, beauty and perfection.


From the fact that you just read this article, little will change in your life. Therefore, we must practice. HaveThe exercises are necessary in order to fulfill them, and when they become part of your life, you will see real change. Choose exactly those that suit you, and you can only find out by trying. So write your personal prayer and start reading it. Penetrating each line with your soul, take that powerful amazing wave of energy that is born in you and fills your whole being and the whole world around you with light, good, and grace. Read a prayer with joy, pleasure, smiling and humming, and when you feel the wonderful emotional flow of Love, you can accept it and feel loved. You can read about other techniques that can be used to revive self-love in the article How to love yourself. Good luck!

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