How to let go of emotions

What does the word mean "let go "? This means loosening the grip, not interfering in the course of events, letting them develop on their own. Sometimes it is very important to get rid of excessive revaluation in order to eventually emerge a winner. You may ask, but isn't it the one who fights to the very end and puts all possible efforts to win? Of course, it is necessary to do the maximum possible to achieve the result, but only in practice, but mentally it is necessary to stop worrying. The one who can do this will be able to conquer the whole world, and the one who will constantly strain and think eventually will reach the middle or even his worst expectations.


Emotions, no matter whether they are bad or good, give us the feeling that we live. Without them, we would be just robots and it's great that we have them. Emotions are very different: tears, laughter, contempt, irritability, desire, fear. But still, emotions are not always beneficial, and we have the power to control them. It is emotions that make us afraid of speaking in front of a large number of people, emotions make us fearful, when we are alone in a large apartment, emotions do not allow us to calmly talk to a loved one after a quarrel, as we are being chased by resentment.

Emotions make us jealous of an absolutely unfamiliar person, emotions force us to stay in strange, joyless relationships for too long, fed by negative feelings. Emotions make us believe in our failure, because self-doubt is also an emotion. Therefore, you need to clearly understand for yourself that we do not need emotions in any situation, and they can occur regardless of your desire. Once they appear without our desire, it means that we can get rid of them, if of course we want. Constantly there is a struggle between people and their emotions, but who will emerge victorious depends on who is stronger. Many people think that it is only in words that it is easy to let go of the situation and get rid of emotions, but this can really be done easily.

Some emotions prevent us from receiving the full enjoyment of life, so why not let them go, after which you immediately feel the ease and freedom?

How to get rid of emotions?

People used to perceive their emotions as part of themselves and cling to them as something intimate and expensive. But you can realize that emotions will come and come to you again, while you feed them and cling to them, and as soon as you stop "appreciating" them, they will leave you. How to start getting rid of emotions? To begin with, loosen your control and make a clear decision that from now on you will declare a struggle to your emotions.

  1. It should be clear to yourself that emotions should not be fought in the usual sense of the word, but their intensity should be reduced. Remember, in what moments of your life are your emotions going wild? Maybe you are strained by the everyday situation at work, the inattention of your loved one, or are you permanently arrested by traffic jams and impudent drivers? Take some one situation and feel it as fully as possible, make it the center of your consciousness. Feel the emotions that you experience and think about whether you can get rid of this situation? Ask yourself the question, can you get rid of them for at least a moment or have they so much taken possession of you? Even if you feel that no - this is normal, do not take it as an intractable situation.
  2. If you decide that you can completely get rid of these emotions, then start it. Feel each cell of your body, how emotions leave you, and relief comes. You can imagine as if they come out of your body with a thin stream or steam, and different emotions can be colored differently, for example, irritability can be gray, red anger, imagine them the way you want it most. When you have the process of getting rid of emotions, you will immediately feel relaxed and calm.
  3. But if you feel that you cannot get rid of negative emotions at the moment, do not overstrain, leave everything as it is. You can even feel it fully, but do not feel yourself in the power of emotions, this is your choice. Keep track of all your feelings, and when your emotion reaches a peak, try to release them at this moment, as described earlier. Getting rid of emotions does not mean that now you will remain an indifferent idol, just negative emotions will no longer possess you, and if you again want to experience them, then you will do it. But the main thing is that at the wrong moment they will not be with you and will not interfere with your tasks and plans.

Having learned to let go of your negative emotions, you get much more freedom in your own actions, less depend on attacks and conflict situations, you become a more harmonious person. But most importantly - without emotions, you can soberly assess the situation and go only directly to your goal.

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