How to learn to talk to people

Know yourself

Many people have some difficulty communicating with other people. Not everyone, unfortunately, is endowed with the ability to speak. But in the hands of everyone who wants to try to correct this problem. So how do you learn to talk to people?

What you need to know to learn to talk to people?

  • As a rule, those people who cannot communicate with the others have a small vocabulary. Therefore, start with the expansion of your vocabulary. Learn one new word per day. Get, if you want, a special notebook in which you will enter all new words. If you wish, you can make notes on the semantic meaning of the word.

  • When talking with other people, select the necessary moments with intonation. Focus on those words that you think are most important in your conversation.
  • Write a small speech for yourself on any topic. Stand in front of the mirror and make this speech. Not a piece of paper, of course, so you can not watch yourself. Mark all the pros and cons of your speech. You can give a speech in front of relatives or one close person. Let them objectively evaluate your presentation, pointing out errors. It helps a lot when learning to talk with other people.
  • Train yourself to make toasts at family parties. So you will train in correct and clear speech. The article will help you How to speak in public without fear ?.
  • There is another way to learn to talk to people - take any small text, and read it several times, but with different intonations. For example, as a fairy tale, as a TV reportage, in a sad voice, cheerful, angry. So you learn to manage intonation, so that your interlocutor understands you better.
  • You can write a small text, spoken by you, on the recorder. Listening to the recording in the future, you can analyze your speech, understand your mistakes.

  • Read as many books as possible (for example, you can start with books on self-development or classics). It can be both cognitive literature and fiction. Reading the literature, you enrich your vocabulary, you can pay attention to other people's dialogues: their mistakes and strengths. The benefits of reading - in the article How reading affects intellectual development ?.
  • When you begin to talk with the interlocutor, you first need to set up visual contact with him. And only when you realize that his attention is focused on you, you can begin a conversation.
  • When communicating with other people, abandon gestures, or reduce them to a minimum. Active flies hands strongly distract from the essence of the conversation.
  • In the conversation, use and indirect compliments. But in moderation and in the subject. For example, speaking of the purchase of any product by the interlocutor, one can praise its taste and ability to understand the details.
  • In order for your conversation with another person to bring pleasure to both of you, to be recognized as a good interlocutor, it is equally important to learn how to listen! This is the basic rule of a good companion, and if you do not follow it, you will not be able to learn how to talk, no matter how wide your vocabulary is.
  • Try to communicate with the person as sincerely as possible. Any falsity will immediately be felt in your voice, and constructive conversation will not work.
  • Avoid talking in high tones! Otherwise, with time you will no longer communicate at all. By the way, the louder you shout, the less information comes to the interlocutor. He simply does not perceive much of it!
  • In your monologue, avoid ambiguous phrases and words. They may not be regarded correctly. Thus, you do not just do not convey to the interlocutor a thought, but also insult him.
  • When communicating with another person, try to adapt to his style of communication. If he speaks slowly - try to slow down your speech. Thus, you will achieve absolute unity with the interlocutor, which means that your conversation will be constructive.

  • Communicate more. Communicating with other people, you train, gain experience. After all, theory is theory, and practice is practically the most important thing in learning something.
  • Before you start talking to people, think about what kind of communication is acceptable in this particular situation. You cannot communicate equally with friends and in a meeting.
  • Different situations require a different rate of speech. Remind yourself of this from time to time. For example, speaking at a meeting the pace should be fast enough, no one wants to listen to the watch monologue. At home, with relatives, it is quite possible to speak slowly, in a calm voice.
  • If you want to learn to talk to people, be sure to get rid of the words-parasites in their speech. Believe me, it is very unpleasant to listen to a person whose speech is replete with all sorts of "Uh," "here," "shorter." Get rid of the word parasites and make your speech literate you will help tips from the article How to learn how to speak ?.
  • Do not forget that in some situations it is quite acceptable and, moreover, even the demonstration of a sense of humor is encouraged. Even in a business environment, it is sometimes necessary to defuse the situation with a humorous phrase or a joke.
  • If you want to learn how to talk to people, learn how to ask questions. The question should be a maximum of information, and a minimum of words. The same applies to the ability to answer the questions posed - clearly and as informatively as possible.
  • Think about what is "conversation"? This communication of two or more people, right? Pay attention that the word "communication" has the root "common". That is, people who talk should have something in common. Common interests and topics of conversation.
  • When you talk to a person, talk to him in a language he understands. It is not necessary, for example, to use slang revolutions in communication with an elderly person.
  • If your interlocutor, telling you something, was wrong, you should not interrupt him and point out his mistake. Listen to him to the end, then highlight the strengths of his story, point out the points with which you agree. And only then point out his mistake.

In that case, if you follow all these recommendations, you will be able to learn how to talk to people and you will be known as an excellent outgoing companion! You can read more about who is such a sociable person in the article How to be a sociable person ?.

Be happy!