How to learn to speak correctly

The human ability to put letters into words, words into sentences, and sentences in monologues is one of the most amazing. You can learn a lot from human speech: place of residence, belonging to professional and ethnic groups, determine intelligence and degree of development. They say the faster and clearer some people can formulate their speeches, the more developed their intelligence.

The main criteria for a competent speech are:

  1. correctness in all senses: emotional, orthoepic, morphological;
  2. slowness;
  3. conciseness;
  4. the gradual train of thought is also of great importance.

"Comfortable" interlocutor will not push people listening to him. In order to learn to speak correctly, you must learn to listen to others.

Calm, prudent opponents can make a much larger impression on the interlocutor. This applies to various types of conversation: dispute, persuasion, verbal duel, even a serious quarrel between people.

What you need to properly express your thoughts?

  • Know what you're talking about.
  • Be confident in yourself and your words.
  • Correctly construct the sentence, coordinate the sentence members: use cases, declensions and conjugations correctly.
  • Do not annoy others with shouts, emotional outbursts, and cavils.
  • Have a large vocabulary and the ability to find the right word at the right time.
  • Eliminate the excitement and habit of interrupting.

Right speech and speech therapist

Many people associate the right speech with speech therapists. If a person speaks wrong, as is customary due to physical, mental or other defects, he is immediately “sent” to a speech therapist. But not only the speech therapist should help in such cases. People talk wrong for a variety of serious reasons. And physical abnormalities are just one of them.

The lack of intellectual development, upbringing, emotional level of the individual - all this also affects speech. Children learn to talk like their parents and daily environment, therefore The parent example is in any case the basis of the basics.

What is needed in order to properly talk?

Correct phonetics

  • What is phonetically correct speech? This is not only competent pronunciation, stress, but also the timbre of the voice. It is very difficult to communicate with some people because their voices are annoying to their ears. High and low timbres - the most popular irritant. A tall female falsetto, like a too low female voice, can forever discourage your interlocutor from talking.
  • With male voices, everything is simpler. The strong half of humanity has a wonderful gift by nature - this is the timbre. That is why not different radio stations are priority workers - men. It is pleasant to listen to them, you trust their voice and this subconsciously makes you turn on the radio again and again. There are unpleasant exceptions such as high and too low voices that are not so sweet to your ear.
  • For, daily exercises and exercises are necessary to get rid of the "unpleasant voice". At first, learn to catch yourself thinking that you need to make your voice a little lower or higher. This is not as easy as it sounds. After all, a person gets used to his timbre and periodically forgets about how he speaks. This is normal. Another thing is that it can be difficult to identify when, for example, you are again "stuck together" on a falsetto. Therefore, rely on your attentiveness and consciousness. It all depends on your desire to start talking in such a way as to attract the interlocutor, rather than push him away. There is a certain technique among psychologists who deal with "voice" problems.

  • Here are a couple of tips to help you change your voice. If you belong to the screamers, you should find out the cause of this disease. If you can't hear well, ask Laura for help. And if your loud manner of talking comes from other factors, such as loneliness, self-doubt, selfishness - fight it. The most important thing here is to accrue the fact that you are shouting at people. The most difficult thing is to catch yourself thinking and gradually calm down. Think of a “stop” phrase for yourself, let it be your password. As soon as you realize that you are going to shout, say to yourself “Enough” or some other word that suits you best.
  • The same applies to people with very quiet and weak voices. They, on the contrary, need to speak louder and clearer in order to be heard and noticed. The algorithm is the same. In order for your voice to become such, you need to exercise at home in front of the mirror every day. This applies to all people who “talk uncomfortably”: tarabayuschie incessantly, monotonously humming in the ear, talkers, whiners, people with babies' voices. All they need to learn to speak is pleasant to the interlocutors' ears, otherwise a vacuum will form around. Surrounding people will again and again reduce the time of conversations with such people, and in the end will nullify them.

Correct diction

Enemies of bad diction - patters. They will help you. Stock up on nuts and voice recorder. Tape all your efforts every day. Listening to the recording at first may shock you, because you are not used to your voice. Listen carefully, identify all your speech imperfections and start to deal with them. At first it will be difficult, you will even want to give up on everything. Do not do this. Only stubborn and purposeful lend themselves to the top.Soon after a good hundred "flurographer flurographist flurograph", your diction will become more clear and correct.

Correct vocabulary

  • If you want to learn to speak correctly, you need to remember not only how you speak, but also about that. If phonetic spaces can be filled with home trainings, then the Internet, dictionaries, books and clever interlocutors will help you to solve lexical moments. In other words, activate your entire intellectual base. If there is none, you will have to work and work, namely, to study and learn, as one great communist used to say. This is probably one of the most difficult tasks today. After all, modern youth grows on Americanisms, slang and bad words, and all these teachers do not develop people, but lower them even lower.
  • All that needs to be done in such cases is to absorb a large amount of information. Today, getting information is rather a problem. But if you filter out unnecessary, mind-cluttering things, you can learn a lot. Not bad to start with books. They have always helped people become smarter. If you do not like to read, then just do it in small "portions" - before or after working in public transport or in an automobile audio book.
  • Find a couple of your favorite periodicals, subscribe to them, or bookmark it on your computer. Regularly checking the news, you will not only be in the center of events, but also be able to discuss them. You will have your own point of view and the opportunity to challenge a worse opinion. Remember if you know a lot, and you can also tell interesting about it - you will become the soul of any company, you will be proud of yourself.

Right speech is the key to success. Everywhere. A lot of men and women who admire and fascinate you at first sight can easily push them away in a matter of seconds just by opening their mouths. And some can be very unattractive externally, but their voice can excite your consciousness, and you will be with the object of your attention constantly. After all, it is not for nothing that they say that the halves are looking for each other not only by external signs, but also by smell and voice.

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