How to learn to restrain emotions

A person is an emotional being, and sometimes it is very difficult to restrain from the manifestation of his emotions. Positive emotions are one thing, but what if we often get negative emotions? At this moment we think that it is simply impossible to remain silent and we are starting another conflict with someone, but after a while we understand that if we were silent, nothing terrible would have happened. Hence the conclusion that you can and must fight your emotions, just how?

We restrain emotions: recognition of internal aggression

To begin to deal with any problem, you need to recognize it, so do not deny the fact that you are often annoyed, angry and can not control yourself. Awareness of their outbursts of anger - this is the right step towards getting rid of them.

Then try to remember when the outbreaks of aggression usually occur, what is the reason for this? Where does this happen most often - at home, at work, or can a certain person be the cause of your aggression? If you could not find a clear reason, then your hot temperament may be the cause, most likely you are choleric or sanguine in type and you cannot completely get rid of your emotions, but you can reduce your aggression by self-control.

In the end, if all people had the same temperament, it would be just boring, appreciate your individuality, but still try to keep your hot temperament from harming you and spoiling your relationship with your team and close people. When you are talking to someone watch the tone of your conversation, do not raise your voice and prove your point with arguments, and not with empty words.

We restrain emotions: take an example from calm people

Do you want to learn to control your emotions? Then Look at people who, in your opinion, are able to adequately answer the most provocative questions, do not explode if something goes wrong with them, and always maintain a sense of self-control.

Observe how they get out of a particular conflict situation, what line of behavior they follow, and what kind of relationships they have with other people. You can even take some of their habits and manners into service, do not be afraid, you will not become someone else's copy, you will only copy a separate part of their behavior, moreover, constructive.

We restrain emotions: we look at the situation with humor

Humor helps to get out of many situations with dignity and with its help one can learn to restrain many negative emotions.

Psychologists recommend using a good technique when you are talking to a person who causes aggression in you: try to find flaws in his appearance or imagine him in some ridiculous ridiculous situation, and then all your aggression will immediately evaporate. And if you do not want to argue and want to quickly end the dispute, then you can say in a calm, confident tone: "I will still have my own opinion," or "I am still right." And then try to immediately end the conversation, but at the same time say it in a neutral tone, without anger or resentment.

We restrain emotions: self-support method

Do you consider yourself to be a strong-willed person or to those who are easily influenced, including can quickly be captured by your emotions? If the first, then you have the power to control the flash of your emotions. When another conflict is brewing, do not succumb to the negative as usual, but try not to respond to the standard and you will see that it is not difficult.

Such the method does not mean that you need to try on the mask of indifference and not show your emotions, just change your attitude to the specific situation. For example, you do not like that your work colleague is constantly picking up your orders, well, that means she has little time left for herself, and you can read an interesting book with friends in social. networks to chat.

Or you cannot hold back your emotions if your partner in a relationship does not behave as you would like, as a result you get angry, break on him, but your relations do not improve, on the contrary become even more aggravated. Men do not like ambiguous hints, pouting or even worse constant sawing, so if something does not suit you, Try to formulate what worries you, not in the form of requirements, but in the form of wishes.. Use particles such as: "I would be glad if ...", "I would like," "I would be grateful," etc. And this concerns not only personal relationships, but also other spheres of life - work, communication in society. No one will like to do what is demanded or indicated from him, hence often conflicts arise.

We restrain emotions: we leave from the negative

Of all the media there is a huge flow of information about various disasters, murders and accidents. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a lot of negative people around. Want to learn to hold back emotions? Then restrict your access to such information. Events of this kind are a kind of narcotic on which people sit down, and savoring such events can last indefinitely as long as people like to watch it. You are not entitled to decide for everyone, but you can decide for yourself and block your access to the negative.

Learning to express emotions on time

Sometimes people save themselves a negative for one person for a very long time, and then at a certain moment they throw it out. And then this person gets not only for a specific act, but for all actions in the past. Stupid, isn't it? After all, a person may not even understand that he was wrong in something, and you pour everything on him without explanation. Therefore, make it a rule respond promptly to everything that happens. Do not like some act or action? Tell about it, and the dose of your negative in this case will be much reduced and adequate to the time.

It's no secret that what we focus our attention on comes into our life, so focus on positive things, good deeds and events, then this will all increase in your life, and negative and negative emotions will become leave.

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