How to learn to hypnotize people

Hypnosis is a special mode of the brain, during which a person can make a meaningless decision under the influence of someone. A hypnotized person can remember anything, or do something extraordinary, such as walking on needles or on glass.

Almost all people are hypnotic., except for people with specific disabilities. To master the hypnosis does not need to have paranormal abilities. To learn how to hypnotize people, you need a confident voice and a look that can inspire something to a person. For this you have to work hard on yourself.

How to learn to hypnotize people?

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis - the procedure of immersing a person in a trance, carried out by a special impact. Some believe that hypnosis can change the state of consciousness, as it creates the illusion of what is not really happening.

Some consider hypnosis as a special kind of trance. Trance is a total concentration of attention on an internal or external stimulus. During this period, consciousness uncritically processes information. In a state of trance, a person can allow any information to penetrate into his consciousness without control and analysis.

A person under the influence of hypnosis is easily influenced.. This is the whole essence of hypnosis: a person is completely immersed in a trance state for subsequent intervention in his subconscious. Sometimes hypnosis can be performed without suggestion, just as suggestion can be performed without an introduction in a trance state.

Many people want to learn how to hypnotize other people, as it is very interesting to experiment with consciousness, and in a state of trance you can solve any problems related to the psyche, relieve tension, relax and activate the brain. But by mastering hypnosis on your own, you put yourself in grave danger. In the period of self-study, you can fall into a deep trance, from which you can not get out without the help of a specialist. In order to enter into such a deep trance, it will take at least a year of training.

How to learn to hypnotize other people?

To learn to hypnotize people, you need to read a sufficient amount of literature, learn to fix and strengthen the state of spontaneous trance. Hypnosis skills come gradually.

How to learn to hypnotize people?

Some are able to hypnotize people involuntarily. This is due to the cost of the profession. For example, merchants are able to unconsciously hypnotize people, provoking them to unnecessary and pointless purchases.

How to learn hypnosis yourself?

A hypnotist must be completely confident in his abilities. Strength must be present at the level of consciousness and subconsciousness. It is in the power of the essence of hypnosis. The skill of hypnotism must be developed gradually and cared for as the “eye of the eye”.

One of the most popular methods of hypnotism - "Suggestion in reality". This method looks like magic, because it allows you to enter a person into a state of hypnosis without immersing him in a dream in order to penetrate into the subconscious mind through the mind.

For hypnosis techniques You will need:

  1. Skill well filed.
  2. Attractive image.
  3. Pretty smile.
  4. Self control
  5. Patience.
  6. Ability to support any topic.

Hypnosis: instruction

  • Achieve the confidence of the hypnotized at a conscious level. This is a rather complicated process, as it should take a long time for close communication.
  • Make sure your appearance is in order. After all, the first impression of a person speaks volumes. At the subconscious level, wrinkled clothes, greasy hair, dirty and torn shoes spoil the look. In order for a hypnotized person to penetrate you, you need to look presentable and tidy.
  • Smile Smile often pay attention. A person will succumb to hypnosis more easily if he understands that you are well-disposed. A hypnotist does not have to be beautiful, but he has to have a beautiful and charming smile. Learn to smile easily and naturally in any situation.

How to learn to hypnotize people: instruction

  • When you smile, look directly into the "experimental" eyes, but not for very long. Otherwise, your gaze may be regarded as an aggression by a stranger. When strangling a stranger, adhere to generally accepted standards of etiquette. If you decide to hypnotize a representative of a subculture, talk to him in the language used in their group.
  • Adhere to certain norms of behavior. Learn to support any topic of conversation. Support the topic should be based not on their own preferences and interests, but on the interests of the hypnotized.
  • When you work through these rules, you will be able not only to hypnotize people, but also to achieve what you want.

Learning to hypnotize people is possible., but for a long time. Only by following the rules and observing regular exercise, you will achieve the desired result. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can hypnotize in such a way that it will not work out of hypnosis. Learn hypnosis and use it only for positive purposes, but not for bad ones.

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