How to learn patience

We need patience in all walks of life. And while waiting for their turn, and when teaching a child the necessary skills, in a dispute, when training a dog, and when we are doing repairs. In short, enumerate situations in which patience may be required very much. But, what is patience and how to learn it?

What is patience?

Patience is not humility with circumstances and not inaction, as the majority believes. In fact, patience is the persistent and persistent expectation of a result.

How to learn patience?

  • When you set a global goal, it is very difficult to achieve it. Often there is not enough patience, at least in half, to achieve this goal. This problem can be solved like this. Divide your single target into several smaller ones. In this way, you will reach your goal faster without dropping everything halfway through. For example. You decide to lose weight at thirty pounds. But, sitting on a diet, to lose weight at a time on such a number of pounds is very difficult. Do not do without disruption. Set a goal - to lose weight by 5 kg. Easy? Fine! We lost weight, quickly reached the goal, got inspired - and another 5 kg.
  • Do not quit doing things halfway through. Yes, sometimes there really is not enough patience to fulfill everything. But, try different ways of doing things, have patience and try, try!
  • Do not forget that everything has its time. If something did not work out for you right now, this does not mean that it will never work out. Patience and perseverance - and all, sooner or later, will be.
  • Know that learn patience impossible immediately. It's like in sports. It is impossible to come to class, and immediately begin to set records. Daily workouts - and over time everything will turn out.
  • As one famous person said: "God gives talent to someone, and patience to someone!" Learn to be patient, and you will be able to implement such plans that did not fit in your head before!

  • When you learn patience, failures will no longer seem to be the end of the world. Because, you will firmly know that everything will ever come.
  • On the way to mastering patience, first of all, you must learn to be patient with yourself. Do not blame yourself for every wrongdoing and mistake. When you learn to be more patient with yourself, you will intuitively be more patient in other situations.
  • When you feel that your patience is running out, try to look at yourself. What do you think, how do you look at the moment? How much do you adorn a grimace of anger? Usually, a sober look at yourself from the outside allows you to stop the evil and adds patience.
  • When you can not tolerate, try, to yourself, to count to ten, then in reverse order. And so on until patience returns to you.
  • If you out of patience any situation, try to get distracted. Think of something completely different. For example, standing in the long queue, not to get out of patience, you might think about that. What you cook for dinner, present your future vacation or plan your upcoming weekend.

  • If it is not a situation that brings you out of patience, but a specific person (for example, your boss), think up a funny image of this person. Imagine that he had grown long, like an ass, ears. Or suddenly dramatically stretched nose, like an elephant. Imagine this picture, you can no longer be angry. Patience and composure will return to you again. The main thing is not to laugh in such a situation!

Using the above tips and tricks, everyone can learn patience, who really wants it. You just need to use, as an assistant, diligence and perseverance. Daily workouts are required help you learn patience!Good luck to you!

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