How to keep a personal diary

For a long time there is a tradition to keep records of their memories, ideas and plans in the diary. The personal diary is a reflection of our soul, intimate thoughts and desires, it is like an understanding interlocutor who can be trusted with everything. Alone with a diary, we can be ourselves without fear of condemnation and criticism. If you decide to write down your thoughts on paper, you need to know how to keep a personal diary.

What is the need for keeping a personal diary?

  • In your personal diary you can throw out all the negative emotions. Having thrown them out on paper, you will no longer feel the need to express them somewhere else. So no one will suffer from your anger, and you will get a break to see your emotions with different eyes. This will help avoid conflicts that may later be regretted. Moreover, the diary has an amazing property: negative emotions are reduced at the time of writing, but positive emotions are increasing on the contrary.

Why keep a personal diary?

  • You will know yourself better by analyzing your dreams, desires, problems, thoughts, behaviors. You will see your strengths and weaknesses and be able to understand yourself. Observing yourself from the outside will help you recognize the inner blocks that interfere with your personal and spiritual growth.
  • Even if your life does not seem interesting to you, many years later it will be pleasant and interesting for you to remember what happened to you in your youth. The diary resembles a photo album with moments of life. But if the photos show physical changes, then the diary reflects internal changes. The diary is part of your personal history.
  • Personal diary will allow you to experiment and engage in creativity. You dreamed to write a fairy tale and did not dare? Try to start inventing it right in your diary - no one will know about it, and you will be able to come closer to the fulfillment of your dream!

Why is keeping a personal journal very useful?

  • The personal diary is the best discipline. Many people know what they would like to do and cannot in any way proceed to the execution of their plans. The diary will show you what you spend your life on and help you discipline yourself.
  • A good habit of keeping diary entries forms the ability to make plans, summarize, correctly identify goals and objectives and correctly solve them.
  • When you describe your problem with words on paper, rather than just thinking about it, you create a space between you and the problem itself. Solutions are born in this space! Why? The thing is that, describing the problem on paper, we become more objective and begin to see things as they are. Therefore, keeping a diary is a magical way to get rid of problems!

Why is keeping a personal journal very useful?

  • Diary entries help to improve: to learn to think productively on paper means to learn to act productively in life.
  • How many times during the day do you meet new ideas, interesting information? How many times have important thoughts and personal discoveries come to your mind? We tell ourselves: we must remember! But memory is imperfect and what we do not remember will be lost forever. Therefore, an important function of the diary is to collect useful ideas.

What is the best way to keep a personal diary?

In order to keep a personal diary to bring you benefit and pleasure, you should think about how it is more convenient for you to keep records and in what form would you like to keep a diary?

  • Diary-notebook is as good as it is always “at hand”. You can draw in it, put letters, theater tickets, photos into it. You can write in an electronic diary, which is easier to make inaccessible than paper. Still, psychologists recommend writing by hand, so choose the appropriate type of personal diary for yourself.
  • Ideas diary - paper secretary. It is possible to record all thoughts and ideas useful for work and creativity at any time and in any place. It is desirable that it be small in size so that you can always carry it with you.
  • Child Development Diary - to record all the wonderful events in the life of your child. This is a great opportunity to keep his funny words, drawings, outlined silhouettes of pens. Thanks to such a diary, he would later see how he grew and how he knew the world.

What is the best way to keep a personal diary?

  • Traveler's diary - here you can make impressions of trips and rest, record everything that you see and hear, as well as describe your emotions while traveling and, of course, paste in the most amusing photos.
  • The diary-interlocutor is the most real universal personal diary, which is the innermost keeper of your soul. He helps to understand himself, to find his way in life.
  • Success diary - read about it in the article What is a success diary and how to keep it ?.

How to keep a personal diary?

  • Opening the first page of his diary, we wonder what to write? "Favorite diary ..." or something else? You need to get used to your personal diary, and for this you should follow simple rules.
  • Take notes regularly — better every day. Constant work with the diary gives good results! Write down not only what happened to you during the day, but also thoughts about what you see, read, interesting thoughts. In no case do not feel guilty if you have not opened a diary for several days. Just keep writing! Over time, keeping a diary will become the same habit as brushing your teeth.
  • Create a comfortable, private atmosphere for talking with your diary. Try writing at the table or climbing with your legs on the bed - by the light of a lamp or a candlestick. You must be comfortable! And it is good to choose a specific time - early morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Relax. A personal diary gives you the opportunity to be alone with yourself. Forget about formalities and spelling. Focus on your thoughts, not on the beauty of handwriting. Only then can you comprehend what you care about. Write freely and do not interrupt the flow of your thoughts. You can do anything you want: draw, use other people's words, paste in pictures, endlessly praise yourself, etc.
  • Reread your diary once a month. Keeping a diary is a way of gathering information and, by re-reading the records, we turn information into knowledge about ourselves, our relationships with others, dreams and plans. Most likely, you will be surprised at everything that you will learn about yourself. Rereading the pages, you will understand what you think about most often and where you put your energy. For example, if you write about others all the time and not a single line about yourself, it means that you do not live your own life, but yours.

How to keep a personal diary?

  • Specify the date, time and place of recording, as well as write from the first person.
  • And remember: there is no single procedure for keeping a diary. The diary gives space of endless paths that you can use as you wish.

Do not miss the great opportunity for development - keep a personal diary. Without a diary and introspection it is impossible to take effective measures to accelerate their movement towards success, because all great people kept diaries. Remember all the wonderful moments of your journey through life!

We recommend reading Jim Ron's book How to keep a personal diary. I wish you success!

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