How to increase the body's energy

You can often hear phrases - I have no energy at all, my energy is at zero, it empties me energetically, etc. Really low energy is often a serious problem, seemingly has goals and interests, but no energy to make all this real . Energy is a factor that cannot be considered separately from the whole organism, it is a part of you, and it does not function by itself, but in connection with the whole organism. That is, if you lead an active healthy lifestyle, then low energy will be quite problematic to appear, although sometimes the reasons for its appearance may be imperceptible at first glance, but just like that it is never taken.

Human energy is divided into two types - physical and free.. Physical is responsible for the state and tone of the body, more precisely for your physical shell. Physical energy is responsible for free energy and basically consists of such important factors as food and sleep. Everyone knows that for normal activity a person should get enough sleep, and for each person the number of hours is individual, someone needs eight hours to sleep, and some four. Nutrition is also very important, as much as "dead" processed food and more fruits, vegetables and cereals should prevail in your diet.

Give up any artificial forms of energy increase - smoking, drinking, drugs. Their whole effect is that they give you energy as a loan, but when their action ends, they take energy at least twice as much. Pay attention to how much you eat meat. It may seem strange to you, but meat is also a powerful liquidator of your energy, and if you cannot refuse it, then at least eat chicken meat, since cows and pigs are very close in consciousness to humans. A full-fledged rest is very important for maintaining the level of energy: above all, it is unity with nature: a walk in the park, a forest, fishing, various excursions.

After you deal with the level of your physical energy, you should boost free energy. It is quite easy to determine its level, if in the morning you wake up, immediately jump out of bed, during lunch you are not inclined to sleep, then you are fine with free energy, and if you get up to call an alarm clock you have a big problem in the evening you are terribly drawn to sleep, and at work at lunch you want to take a sweet nap, then you need to immediately increase free energy.

Ways to increase energy

Everything is simple here, first of all, it is worth finding out where your free energy goes and reduce the actions that take it.

  1. Energy is spent on useless quarrels, offenses that we accumulate in ourselves and they eat us every day. We spend energy every day, encountering and communicating with people who cause negative emotions in us, spend, getting annoyed at the shortcomings of loved ones and loved ones. Is it not easier to perceive people and situations as they are, just accept the fact that all people are different and you will not change anything with your reactions. Any negative emotion - hate, contempt, fear, irritation, anger takes a significant part of your energy to its maintenance.
  2. It is even more foolish to spend your energy on events that do not concern you or concern you only indirectly. For example, watching a dramatic series, a crime news bulletin, pity for a completely unfamiliar person who has an unfavorable life, is all energetically emptying you. With your experiences you are unlikely to change the situation in the country, improve the fate of a person, therefore there is no sense in experiencing. This does not mean that you now need to put on a mask of indifference and stop watching TV and read the news, just pass them through yourself without savoring and not attaching too much importance to this.

These are the main factors that influence the amount of your physical and free energy, following which you will notice that after a while you will become more active and cheerful. But it is necessary to take into account some more points that are important not only for increasing energy, but also for the “quality” of life in general.

  • Set goals and dream. If a person has a goal to which he is constantly striving, then his energy level automatically rises. At the same time, the path to the goal itself causes no less inspiration in a person than its achievement, and the emotions that we get when we get what we want with nothing comparable, which is why successful people are always cheerful and cheerful.

  • Love - It is also one of the most powerful ways to increase energy. Just do not confuse love and dependence, love gives a person only the most luminous feelings, inspires him, he wants to give his love to the object of love and everyone around, a woman or a man literally flourish when they truly love. But dependence on the contrary devastates a person, makes him the slave of this feeling. Another component of love is sex, and only love sex can increase energy and give a surge of strength.
  • You can increase your energy and by faith, and not necessarily religious. This may be your worldview, and no matter how others will treat it, it is important that with this faith you can easily go through life, and in a difficult moment it would be your salvation.
  • In addition to your main job, choose a few for yourself.hobbies, who would bring you moral and spiritual satisfaction, as well as take your free time. Not necessarily your hobbies will bring you income, it is important what emotions they give you.
  • Connect with positive, successful people., our environment has a great influence on us and our attitude, therefore, communicating with such people, you recharge your energy.

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These simple rules will help you become an active, cheerful person, and, therefore, you will be able to carry out all the planned actions in a day and easily achieve your goals. To learn how a woman accumulates feminine energy, read the article Strength of feminine energy.

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