How to heal the inner child

As a rule, all the problems that surround us on our way emanate from us. Therefore, in the event of the slightest problem, you should not blame the whole world for it. It is better, at least not for a long time, to look inside yourself. Only by achieving harmony with ourselves, can we achieve it with the whole outside world.

Inner child

In each of us lives our own inner child. This is a part of our psyche that carries positive energy, where there is always a place for vitality and creativity. This is ourselves, such as it really is. Our true self. Very often we have to forget about our “I”, leave it somewhere behind. We begin to feel that we are missing something, as if something has disappeared from our soul, something that is very dear to us. This is the very "child". He hid from us somewhere in the depths of the soul.

And everything seems to be nothing, but suddenly it became difficult for us to make friends, it is not easy to communicate with people, we can no longer quickly resolve or even prevent conflicts in the family. It becomes difficult for us to find new joys in life, things become a “burden”, everything is boring and gray inside.

There is a simple test in psychology. Answer yes or no to the question: Do you think that adults work and children play? If your answer is yes, this is evidence of a hidden inner child and lack of love.

The most interesting thing is that without this small creature in the depths of our consciousness, we cannot achieve harmony with ourselves. When there is no child in the soul, the person becomes a bore and a grumbler, and risks losing his authority with others. Many, realizing that the "child" is hiding because of an unhappy childhood, declare that they certainly have nothing to do with this. The main reason for such statements is that people believe that the kids were quite happy. I do not want to upset anyone, but more often than not, we simply do not notice the obvious. It is even difficult for us to admit to ourselves that at some point we hid our baby somewhere in the closet because of strong experiences, so that, God forbid, no one could find it. And it was then that we closed our own “I” from everyone, and consequently, we also closed ourselves.

The first sign of your inner child’s health is harmony. A healthy "child" helps you to behave at ease, gives you the opportunity to laugh at yourself, contributes to your creative activity. In general, a person who is all right with his "I" is happy!

Healing Your Self

  • The first and most important stage in the healing of your inner child is the realization that he is still hiding. You need to accept for yourself that your life was probably not so good and cloudless before, if now you feel disharmony. Once you can do this, you will become a little easier. Very often it is the timely acceptance of the problem that helps us solve it.
  • Very often we remember for a long time that parents treated us somehow badly. And revenge becomes the goal of our lives. For this we are ready to do anything: do stupid thoughtless acts, always act against them, run their own lives, so that they see their inconsistency (they could not bring up properly). Free your head from these completely unnecessary thoughts! Such a "mental draw" does not make you feel a full life, sincerely rejoice in it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and find those who are supposedly responsible for your failures.. You will see how your life will change! Think better about what life lessons your parents gave you. It is no coincidence that there were these conflicts that so wounded you. It is possible that when you no longer feel sorry for yourself, you will find that in fact, this situation has made you stronger, helped you look deep inside yourself and draw the right conclusions.

  • After all that has already been done, it is worth working on changing your behavior. You'll have to stop hoping that you will certainly be given love and care. It is possible that the parents have already done everything they could for you. Stop waiting for changes in them. Change your attitude to parents. Make peace with them within yourself.
  • And in the end you should find the source of what your parents could not give you. Perhaps you should find someone older than you, who will replace your father or mother, take care of you and take care of you. Maybe there will be many like-minded people on your way, and it will be easier for you to deal with past offenses together. Another option - having once been a "wounded child", to protect their own children from this. After all, now you understand how it hurts to lose your own "I", and how pleasant it is to live with it in harmony.

Remember that good, positive thoughts can take place in your head, if you without pity get rid of all the negative things that were there before. It's like throwing old things out of the closet to replace them with new ones. Get organized in your thoughts and soul and enjoy the new beautiful life! Heal your inner child!

Especially for Marie Matveyuk

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