How to get rid of the habit of judging others

The habit of judging others is as bad a habit as smoking. We are so accustomed to criticizing everyone around, to find their shortcomings and to blame for the fact that they are not like us, that we begin to do this unconsciously. We have already found out about how this habit adversely affects our lives and the lives of our loved ones in the article “Why do we judge others?”.

Let's consider the steps that need to be taken to get rid of the bad habit of condemning. I recommend not to miss a single step in the movement to the goal. I used this program myself and now I continue to put it into practice.

Step 1. Be aware

Before you get rid of the habit of judging, you must realize and accept the fact that you have it. Do not blame yourself for it, do not judge, but just accept. And start creating a new, more positive habit - to accept, eliminating the old one by crowding out.

Step 2. Watch Your Thoughts

Start tracking your thoughts. As soon as you catch yourself condemning someone, turn your attention to something pleasant. The result will also give your sincere sympathy to the person: "My uncle is so greedy! How hard he has to live: to constantly fear losing accumulated money, counting money endlessly and saving on everything, not allowing yourself small joys, etc. Poor fellow!" You can try to find something positive in what annoys you: "My colleague is so withdrawn. She is silent all the time, and you don’t understand what she is thinking. But I can work in silence and not be distracted by gossip." Change your thoughts on positive, funny, inappropriate ... The main thing - stop judging!

Step 3. Use positive statements.

Choose and use at least one positive statement (remember that our consciousness does not perceive the particle "not", and if you say to yourself "do not condemn," it hears "condemn"). Tell yourself: "I accept all the people who meet me in life as they are. I allow them to live their lives and make their choices. I love the Universe and every living creature!" You can invent your own phrase and repeat it at least five times a day.

Step 4. Track the result

Note for yourself those situations when you did not cope with the task, analyze why this happened. Do not judge yourself and look at things objectively. All positive cases when it was possible to apply a new habit of unconditional acceptance, also record (better in writing). Be sure to praise yourself and reward for winning!

Step 5. Practice

Consciously develop a new model of thinking for at least 21 days. This will help to program it in the subconscious and make it an automatic reflex action.

Replace criticism with the thought of beauty!

Take people not with your mind, but with your soul. Be tolerant, merciful. And always remember a very important rule that I once learned about from the book of Louise Hay: our subconscious mind does not distinguish between people, it perceives everything on its own account. If you say that someone is evil, your subconscious mind learns: "I am evil." If you call someone "ungrateful", your subconscious mind learns: "I am ungrateful." And all this is then transformed into your actions: you programmed yourself for anger and ingratitude. So do not judge! Think positively, talk about good things and instead of wasting your precious time and energy on grumbling about how bad everything is, think about yourself beautiful, do what you love and give yourself something pleasant. And so every day! Not life, but a dream ... Agree?

Genuine power

The human habit of judging is a derivative of pride, egoism. Animals and plants do not know what it means: a dog rose bush does not care that the oak is taller and stronger. In nature, every blade of grass - in its place, so fulfilled the will of perfect nature. And only the human ego seeks to be the best, smarter, richer and stronger than the rest, although in reality the true strength and true greatness lies in being able to accept the world and the people living in it, as they are. This is the unconditioned perception. Learn to live naturally!

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