How to get rid of shyness

Know yourself

Many years ago, modesty was synonymous with virtue and right education. The girl was told that if she crossed the limits of modesty, then everyone would find her dissolved and not a single normal man would look at her. But such times are long gone and now modesty and shyness cannot be called positive qualities. Shyness prevents a person from fully realizing all his energy, being energetic and relaxed.

And how many problems a shy person is experiencing in social intercourse, work and personal relationships, it just poisons his life. Shyness prevents you from defending your point of view, asking for a service, defending your opinion at work. Even in a queue in a store or public transport, a person can be ashamed to defend his point of view. We definitely have to do something with this, we declare a struggle with shyness!


There is one very good advice if you want to overcome your shyness, then here, first of all, practice is needed. No book or seminar for timid people will save you from modesty, until you yourself start to overcome yourself.. Yes, perhaps knowledge is very much required in some area, but not here! Of course, it is very useful to read how to deal with shyness and then immediately proceed to practical actions.

Shyness is, above all, the fear of communication, the fear of appearing stupid, ridiculous or uninteresting person, but as soon as you start working out methods of dealing with shyness, you will understand that these fears are far-fetched. There is nothing terrible, that at some moment we may look strange or even absurd, as soon as you get rid of the fear that others might think about you badly, you will overcome your shyness.

Practical techniques for dealing with shyness

Conversation with a stranger

Do you experience discomfort if you need to talk to a stranger? A small shiver appears in the hands, a small lump rises to the throat and all words are lost when you need to approach or ask a stranger for something? Can you walk for hours on an unfamiliar street without asking anyone where the house is? Start the practice from where no one sees you, for example, call the local radio and say hello, or just speak out on the topic under discussion, while presenting everything as if you were talking to your best friend, try to speak in the most colorful and emotional way. There is no reason to worry about you now, your shaking hands and incomprehensible mimicry nobody sees. Instead of radio, you can call any company and ask for advice on any issue, as well as the option there are special telephone numbers where you can speak very frankly on a topic of interest.

Conversation in a public place

Good training to get rid of shyness is to start a conversation in a public place with a stranger. For example, while traveling in an electric train, you can start a conversation on a casual topic, say, ask a person where he is going, or just say what the weather is like today. Try to track your reaction to the interlocutor's words, emphasize with emotions what he says - with facial expressions, gestures, insert interludes between “yes”, “of course”, “interesting”, “sometimes it’s like this”, so that awkwardness will disappear and the dialogue with the stranger will turn out alive. Also tell about yourself, about your interests, to a stranger, by the way, it is much easier to tell some details, because we will not see him anymore, and this will help you to relax.

Get interesting by yourself

Perhaps you are avoiding people because you consider yourself an uninteresting person. If your opinion has a real rationale, then everything needs to be urgently corrected. Surely you have any hobbies, thanks to which you will become a welcome guest in any company. In any society, it is interesting to listen to a person who is passionate about his work, whether he jumps from a parachute or embroiders collection pillows with a cross.

Keep track of political events, fashion news, show business or even information about supernatural phenomena and the conversation will be glued on its own. Each new read book and new viewed film gives food for thought, which can be discussed with the interlocutor. It may seem to you that it is difficult to focus on the topic of conversation, when only the way you look from the side and how you carefully select words at that moment rotates in your head, but in reality you just have to get to the taste of the conversation and you will forget shyness.

Do not try to imitate someone

Sometimes timid, insecure people try to adopt gestures and demeanor of people who seem to them more successful, but in the end it turns out just a pathetic parody. Because each person is interesting by that, which is a unique combination of various qualities. Even your timidity can be presented as a virtue, if you love it. There are girls who can not be called very confident and bold, but this does not decrease the number of fans. Why all? Because they are not shy about their own shyness, and when they blush with embarrassment, or shyly lower their eyes, it all looks very nice and natural.

Self motivation

Well, and probably the easiest way is to mentally encourage yourself to be a more determined and uninhibited girl. For example, immediately after waking up, set yourself up for the fact that this day will be as good as possible for you, you will easily communicate with people, and your timidity will gradually disappear from you. Or try to pull away while talking and look at yourself from the outside, assess how confident you look, and if something does not suit you in your own behavior, then you can immediately correct it.

Starting to struggle with your own shyness, you will notice that each time it will be easier for you to find a language in communication with people, fears of failure will start to disappear, and new victories and opportunities for self-realization that you have missed because of your timidity will be waiting for you. .

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