How to get rid of shyness and shyness

Almost fifty percent of the population of our planet suffer from shyness and shyness, that is, almost every second. If you do not start to deal with it immediately, over time the situation worsens. It is noticed that shy and shy people do not reach the heights of their careers, earn less, have difficulty changing jobs. What are the manifestations of shyness, what is it expressed and how to get rid of shyness?

What is shyness and shyness?

  • First of all, it is the fear of somehow expressing itself. Self-doubt, timidity and modesty.
  • Shyness and shyness are real sociological problems.
  • For a shy and shy person it is difficult to make a choice, sometimes even in the simplest situations.
  • Shy people are constantly driven by the fear of doing something wrong, making a mistake. Therefore, they, more often, prefer not to do anything at all than to do and to be mistaken.
  • Shy people constantly doubt everything.

What is the shyness and shyness?

How to find out shy person or not? What are the signs of shyness, timidity and shyness?

  • The person reluctantly enters into conversation with other people or does not enter at all.
  • In most cases, the eyes are lowered, the person looks at the floor.
  • Shy man has a very quiet tone of voice.
  • Shy people - are inactive.
  • People who are characterized by shyness, try to avoid society, especially the crowded places.
  • In conversation with other people are constrained and not open.
  • Timid people are constantly embarrassed. Often blush.
  • A shy person feels helpless, incapable, stupid.
  • Sometimes there are shy people who try to disguise their timidity with the help of rudeness.

How to get rid of timidity, shyness, shyness?

What steps should be taken to get rid of timidity once and for all?

  • Do not let the traits of your character ruin your life! Remember, while we live, we can change.
  • Understand for yourself that you, like everyone else, have human rights:

- The right to refuse another, not feeling like an egoist.

- The right not to make excuses for any of their actions.

- The right does not like some people.

- The right to your own assessment of the events in your life.

- The right to make a mistake.

- The right to illogical behavior, but without prejudice to other people.

- The right not to know any information.

- The right not to depend on someone else's indulgence.

  • Learn to not be afraid of responsibility for what you are doing. In this, in fact, there is nothing terrible. In the end, do not quarter you!
  • Allocate free time, stay alone with yourself and honestly answer the following questions:

- What kind of situations plunge you into extreme confusion?

- In the midst of which people do you feel most constrained?

- In what situations do you not feel shy?

- What exactly is your shyness?

- What thoughts are in your head at this time?

- How can your life change if you can overcome timidity and shyness?

- Are there any situations when shyness benefits you?

Having answered all the questions, you will understand yourself better, most likely, you will have thoughts on how to proceed.

  • If you feel that a particular situation is embarrassing, take a deep breath, exhale, and try to relax as much as possible.
  • Rehearse at home a study "Insolence". The situation can be any. For example, imagine that you are hung in the market. Play the situation, try to keep it brazenly.
  • Try to speak in public. It is very difficult at first. But this is an excellent remedy for shyness and shyness. You can start small - to tell something to your family members. Then you can make a report at work. The article will help you. How to speak publicly and overcome fear ?.

  • Practice speaking properly. In this case, you will come to the aid of a mirror, as well as tips from the article How to learn to speak correctly ?.
  • If in the company of your friends you have already passed for a shy person, try to start communicating with another company in which nobody knows you. There it is quite possible to build yourself a new reputation. To help find new friends you will come online.
  • Go for group trainings. It does not matter what subject and direction they will be. The main thing is that there was a large group of people.
  • If the situation seems to you extremely running, and you can not fix anything, it makes sense to contact a psychologist. Do not confuse with a psychotherapist! The psychologist will find out the reasons for your shyness and give advice that will help get rid of it. If you don’t want to go to a psychologist, you can receive various helplines (you can’t even give your name) or Consultation of a psychologist online.
  • Invite friends to visit you. When you are in your territory, where everything is familiar to you, it will be easier to communicate and easier to overcome shyness.
  • Try to at least occasionally make contact with passersby. Ask where the nearest bookstore is, ask what time it is, check the house number on this street. More information you can read here.
  • Visit crowded places often. Ideal for various exhibitions, concerts, trips to the theater. You can enroll in any courses.

Using the above recommendations, you can quickly get rid of shyness and shyness. Praise yourself for every step forward, for every successful action and chase away "complex honors".

Be happy!

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