How to get rid of obsessive thoughts

Almost every person knows the state when unwelcome thoughts appear in his head. Usually the cause of their occurrence is fear. Manage this state is difficult. The more you try not to think about the bad, the more scary pictures the subconscious draws.

Signs of obsessive thoughts

If you notice that you or someone from your loved ones are constantly concerned about the same event or thought - this is a reason for excitement. Over time, obsessive thoughts develop into obsessive actions. It can be anything - the desire to wash hands every half hour, for example. If the described feature fits your condition, try to get rid of it.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts?

The most common obsessive thoughts

Of course, each person has an individual thinking, the formation of which is influenced by a combination of external and internal factors. However there is a list most common obsessive thoughts, that excite people.

  1. Aggression, constant maniacal desire to do something bad, wrong. Such that will excite other people.
  2. Immaturity, which is directly related to an excessive sense of responsibility. This can manifest itself in such a situation, for example, when a person went to work, and on the way he was asked the questions: “Did I turn off the water?”, “Did I turn off the gas and the iron?”, “Did I close the door?” Moreover, this condition is repeated not once, but constantly, day after day.
  3. Obsessive desire for purity. This may consist in the need to take a shower several times a day, to wash hands every hour, to clean the house every day, despite the lack of time and necessity.
  4. Performing some rituals associated with the signs. For example, a person, seeing a black cat, clutches a button. Assuming something good, he constantly spits over his left shoulder and knocks on the tree. This is done no longer consciously, but becomes part of the usual behavior.
  5. Desire order in all. For example, cups should stand handles in one direction. Towels should hang on a ticker. Bathroom accessories must be aligned in size, etc.
  6. Sexual fears. Fear of appearing unattractive, inept in bed, ugly.
  7. Thoughts of death. Of course, with age, people increasingly think about death. But it also happens that it becomes an obsessive thought that torments and scares people of any age.

Obsessive thoughts: how to get rid

Obsessive thoughts: how to get rid

  • First of all, do not try not to think about it. When you forbid yourself to think about this or that, keep the thought in your head anyway, torturing yourself. To get started, try switching to more meaningful thoughts or problems.
  • Do not scold yourself for the thoughts that you have. You cannot control them. And, just as in the previous case, the more you scold yourself, the longer you keep an obsessive thought in your mind.
  • Take a large sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. On the left side, write those thoughts that bother you, and on the right side, the expression is opposite in meaning. Tear off the left side of the sheet and discard, burn, tear into small pieces. And leave the right part to yourself, put it in a prominent place, and periodically look at it. You can write anything you want: "I am the most beautiful!", "I will succeed!" etc.
  • Try to learn to meditate. This spiritual practice has a huge psychological impact on the person. You can get rid of everything that worries you.
  • Do not take sedatives. In this case, their action will not manifest itself, and the body does not need extra medicines.
  • Do not feel guilty in this situation. One way or another, but most people are subject to such thoughts.
  • Try to make your actions absurd. For example, if you knock on a tree so as not to jinx it, 3 times, knock, the next time, at least 30 times. Spitting over your shoulder? Next time spit 15-20 times. It will take a little time, and you yourself will find these actions ridiculous, you will stop repeating them.
  • Communicate more with people, and not on the Internet, but in reality. Become socially active! Do not refuse offers of friends to go to the cinema, theater or a party. The more you communicate, the less time you will have on obsessive thoughts.
  • Think about what you like to do the most, make it your hobby. A busy person will never be distracted by thoughts, because he will focus on his favorite hobby.

If none of the suggestions help you, try contacting a psychologist.Nothing wrong with that. A psychologist is not a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist. He will not cure you with medications, but will provide moral support and help you understand yourself!

Obsessive thoughts: how to get rid

Exercises against obsessive thoughts

You can try some exercises that will help you get rid of obsessive thoughts forever.

Sit comfortably and strain your muscles with all your strength. Go all out! Hold this position for a few seconds. Then take a deep breath, and immediately maximum relax.

Breathe in deeply with your nose, feel that the air just has nowhere else to go, it filled you completely from the inside. Hold your breath for a few seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth.

Gently press on the inner and outer corners of the eye, gently massage. Do the same with the second eye. Then massage the temples in a circular motion.

Don't let obsessive thoughts take hold of you! Do not feel self-pity, do not succumb to depression - after all, this is a direct path to a depressed psychological state. Try to get rid of bad thoughts in all possible ways. Be healthy and happy!

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