How to get rid of irritability

Know yourself

Constant displeasure surrounding people and circumstances. Too much emotional reaction to something you don’t like. This is all irritability! If you have noticed her signs, you should get rid of them immediately. Otherwise, you will lose all your friends, colleagues will avoid you, family members will reward you with completely unflattering epithets. In addition, irritability can also affect your health. How can you get rid of irritability?

How to deal with irritability?

  • First of all you should find out the reasons for your irritability. Think about what is most annoying to you. What situations or people are your irritation associated with? Is your irritability related to a specific time (for example, passing exams or a quarterly report)?
  • Try to rest more often. The more your body gets tired, the more irritability will be present in you.

  • Learn to switch your attention from an annoying situation to something pleasant.
  • Restrain yourself when you want to scream at someone. Just keep silent until you are sure that you cannot say calmly. At first it will be very difficult to do this, but over time, you will learn this technique. Read more about this in the article How to control your emotions ?.
  • Tune in to a positive wave. Remind yourself often that you are fine.
  • If you are not annoyed by certain situations, but literally every little thing, think about that. What global problem or event of your life provokes this irritability. Cheating husband? Most likely, this is cause of your irritability at work and with children.
  • If there is an irritable person near you, most likely this irritability will be transmitted to you.
  • If you watch a lot of TV, read the news media, most likely you have an excess of negative information. Tune in to the positive wave, and carefully filter all the information you perceive.
  • Do yoga. This current is the best way to set you up for a wave of calm and satisfaction.
  • Learn respiratory gymnastics. It will help you calm down at the moment of the highest irritation.
  • Learn, though it is not easy, the technique of gratitude. The boss scolded you, and you find a rational grain in his words, and thank him in your thoughts for pointing out the problem to you, he gave you the opportunity to correct.
  • Drink at least one and a half liters of water daily. It has been proven by scientists that water brings calm.
  • Be sure to get enough sleep! Constant lack of sleep can cause irritability. A person who works must sleep at least six hours a day, and preferably seven - eight.

How to get rid of irritability with essential oils?

Essential oils - an excellent tool in the fight against irritability. You only need to know exactly which oils are suitable for this purpose.

  • The following essential oils will help to get rid of irritability.- ylang-ylang oil, anise oil, lavender, cypress, lemon oil, incense, tangerine, marjoram, myrrh, lemon balm, nutmeg essential oil, rose oil, chamomile, rosemary and sandalwood essential oil.
  • But what to do to the right oil was always at hand, so that you can use it, if necessary? To do this, take, selected from the above, the essential oil and alcohol, in a ratio of 1: 5. Mix and place the droplet in the body locket. If desired, you can drop the mixture on a napkin or a handkerchief.

Folk recipes to relieve irritability

There are several recipes to help you. cope with irritability, without taking pills.

  • Take one teaspoon of coriander seeds and cover with one glass of boiling water. Then put the liquid in a water bath, and hold for about fifteen minutes. After that, remove from the bath and cool for 45 minutes. Strain the cooled broth, and take 3 tablespoons 4 times a day.

  • Take cumin, valerian, fennel and motherwort in a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1. Stir all ingredients thoroughly, then take two tablespoons of the mixture, pour 400 ml of boiling water, strain. Take the broth should be 50 milliliters three to four times a day. If necessary, when you feel irritation, you can drink another 50 milliliters of broth. Improvement can be felt, approximately, on the tenth day from the beginning of the reception.
  • Take one tablespoon of motherwort and zest of one lemon. Pour everything with a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse in an enamel saucepan covered with a lid. Take one dessert spoon after meals. But at least 3-4 times!

If you take for problem of irritability seriously, you will begin to deal with it and psychological methods and with the help of traditional medicine recipes, you will quickly achieve success!

You will succeed!