How to get rid of bad thoughts

You must have heard that thought is material. That is why most people fears bad thoughts, believing that they can influence their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Therefore, you believe that bad thoughts should be eliminated as soon as possible. How can I do that?

How to get rid of bad thoughts?

  • Try simply to give up on these thoughts, and tell yourself: "This is all nonsense, this will not happen to me!" Sometimes this is enough.
  • If you are haunted by thoughts that concern an unsolved problem, solve it as soon as possible. When the problem is settled - bad thoughts will leave themselves.

  • Try to calm down and get distracted. It can be anything - swimming, walking, shopping, going to a cafe with a girlfriend.
  • Many psychologists believe that obsessive thoughts arise when a person’s brain is very overworked. If this is about you, and it seems to you that from the abundance of information the head will soon burst, turn off everything that is capable of making sounds - phones, TV, all calls, and just sleep a good deal from your heart.
  • Learn to switch your thoughts. This will help you next exercise. Turn on two TVs at the same time, or TV and radio at the same volume. Stand in the middle and listen first to one TV, after a while, switch attention and listen to what is said in the second TV. This is a simple exercise. help you get distracted from bad thoughts.
  • Do not try to think about the bad. Simply, it is impossible, so you can bring yourself to a nervous breakdown.
  • Do not blame yourself, thinking that you are alone in your problem. In fact, all people ever have obsessive thoughts.
  • If bad thoughts do not give you peace of mind, try not to stop yourself from thinking, but, on the contrary, bring these thoughts to an absurdity. You may even laugh, but even if not, then surely relax.
  • Learn to control yourself. In the end, it is you who is the master of your body. Not the other way around.
  • Try to occupy your thoughts with something else, read a book, watch an interesting film. If the action entices you, you can hardly think of different things at the same time.

  • Think of something good that was in your life. Or think of something good that you want it to be in the future. Such thoughts unwittingly make you smile, and bad thoughts will leave you. Think positive!
  • Try to carry with you an internal dialogue of this type: "Yes, I was fired from work, but then ..." And then fantasize. For example, but I can spend more time with my family, but I can arrange general cleaning at home, but I can sleep and so on.
  • Set aside negative thoughts for tomorrow, promise yourself to think about it after you wake up. The heat and the peak of emotions you pass. And thoughts will not be so depressing.
  • Treat yourself. Allow yourself something that you have been dreaming about for a long time. It can be anything - buying an expensive item or traveling abroad.
  • Take a nail, look at it, and decide for yourself that this nail is your problem. And then drive it to the top of the head. Thus, you, symbolically, deal with your problem.
  • Try to reason calmly. If you care about what you think, just tell yourself - "Yes, I think about it, but this is just my thoughts and thoughts, nothing more!"

  • If your obsessive thoughts associated with the upcoming event, for your own comfort, take with you a small amulet - a toy, a badge, anything, and decide for yourself that the amulet will give you the strength to solve the problem, and provide you with luck.
  • Try yoga. Yoga exercises are always relaxing and freeing the head from thoughts.
  • Try the following exercise. Sit in the half-lotus position (this is when the spine remains straight), close your eyes, turn on one of the sounds of nature - the sound of the sea, the forest, the singing of birds. And begin to relax step by step, first the tips of your toes, then the feet. And so on, until you reach the head.
  • Turn your thoughts towards the good that you have. Think about what you are grateful to the Universe for. These thoughts will not allow you to tune in a negative way.

  • Try doing visualization. To do this, try mentally, symbolically, to get bad thoughts out of your head and throw them away. In addition, you can try to tie the tip of the "tangle of bad thoughts" to a passing car. When the car is hidden, your glomerulus is completely unwound, and your thoughts will disappear.
  • Write all that bothers you on a piece of paper. Write all your feelings and thoughts as detailed as possible. And then simply burn or tear the leaf into small pieces.

You can get rid of everything in our lives, including bad thoughts. One has only to want a new look at the world, and all bad thoughts sink into oblivion.

Be happy!

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