How to get out of depression yourself

Know yourself

Life, as you know, is striped. But sometimes it happens that the black bar is stretched so much that it turns into a solid one. And it seems that it is impossible to go beyond the boundaries of this space. The best option is to seek professional help. But you can and look for ways to get out of depression on their own. Psychologist tips will help with this.

I myself!

how to get out of depression yourself

The favorite phrase of the heroines popular in the 90s talk show admired and continues to inspire many. But is it always easy when “I myself”? This is often the shortest path to depression. So called mental disorder, in which a person has:

  • dulled ability to experience joy;
  • I do not want to communicate with anyone;
  • disturbed thinking processes;
  • distrust of people progresses;
  • growing desire to protect themselves from the outside world;
  • there is a guilt complex for any reason;
  • constantly in a bad mood.

Scientists have found that women, because of their emotionality, are more often subject to a state of depression. This is especially true if they are associated with work of an intellectual nature and / or are forced to contact with a huge number of people. When there is no strength to do anything, it is difficult to imagine that there are technicians who suggest how to get out of the incipient depression on their own, without help. And, nevertheless, if you apply a little perseverance and perseverance, it is quite possible to significantly improve your condition.

Top 5 Tips

The peculiarity of our consciousness is such that the appeal to a specialist - a psychologist - is considered something out of the ordinary. We are used to cope with any spiritual turmoil on our own. This is neither good nor bad, but in the search for methods describing how to get out of prostration, one must still listen to the advice of professionals. This is what doctors recommend for women who have symptoms of depression.


The modern rhythm of life makes us constantly run, to have time to learn, understand, apply, earn. It is no wonder that during the race you can get exhausted. Give yourself a chance to relax. And it is not necessary to go to the sea - just take a couple of weekends and arrange a break for yourself. For this:

  • turn off the phone;
  • we refuse the Internet and TV;
  • We do not communicate with unpleasant people (it’s better not to communicate with anyone for 1-2 days at all).

And then you yourself wonder where the time will come from for:

  • long sweet dream;
  • general cleaning in the apartment;
  • slow reading;
  • cooking delicious homemade food.

Pamper yourself

measures will help to relax and feel much better

A woman at any age needs so-called beauty procedures. Manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, massage - this is something that is not just like, but necessary for every lady. To do this, you can go to a beauty salon, and you can handle at home. A bonus to a spa session, you can do shopping. These measures will help to relax and feel much better.

Sleep is the key to recovery

High-quality 8-hour sleep replenishes vital energy. At this time, you have no worries that bother you in reality, no memories of a bad past. Only this important state needs to be prepared:

  • well ventilate the room;
  • turn off the call and phone;
  • shut the windows;
  • put on a blindfold.

If you are chronically not getting enough sleep, then form your attitude to the world under the influence of negative. Later, this will lead to the desire to close in your sink, and then a way out of a depressive state is possible only in the conditions of inpatient treatment.

Show what you are capable of.

Find a way to express yourself. Psychologists are advised to look for options in the popular direction of art therapy. This, for example, intricate coloring with small colorful patterns or work with clay. If you wish, you can devote several hours of literary work, for example, writing poetic lines or plays on topics that are relevant to you. So you can look at the situation from the outside, make a reassessment of events and their actions.

Faster! Above! Stronger!

Exercise is necessary for our body to complete work. If sport is not among your favorite activities, then at least 30-40 minutes every day in the open air. However, it is worthwhile to think and choose a type of physical activity. It can be a bicycle, yoga or pole acrobatics. Such activities are not only beneficial to health, but also help to find new friends with common interests.

Stuck gloom

there are foods that not only saturate

We are what we eat. This definition came up with the wise people of the East. And, indeed, there are products that not only saturate, but also enhance mood. These include:

  • nuts;
  • bananas;
  • chocolate;
  • black cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal);
  • beans,
  • vegetables and fruits.

If you are cheered up by a piece of tasty cake, then there is absolutely no reason to deny yourself the pleasure. However, only if it does not go against the work on weight loss.

All by ...

And what to do if the advice of a psychologist about how you can get rid of depression yourself, did not help? To begin with - contact a specialist, because to eliminate the depression yourself will not work. You need to contact a psychologist or a psychiatrist, and in neglected cases - to both. Since apathy violates biochemical metabolism, medication will be prescribed, otherwise serious malfunctions in brain activity and nerves will begin. Having agreed with the doctor, tune in to a confidential conversation. Do not prescribe antidepressants that have helped a neighbor or colleague without a prescription.

Depression, gloom and gloomy mood are just some of the signs of a depressive state. Ending this situation will help effective advice of psychologists on how to get out of depression on their own, using simple techniques. The main goal of these measures is to learn to listen and hear yourself, your desires and needs. And this is harmony with oneself.