How to get a person out of depression

When a loved one feels bad, he wants to help him somehow out of this state. But what can be done? And how to get a loved one out of depression?

Getting out of depression, of course, depends on how the person went into depression, which contributed to this. Some recommendations may be given only when it comes to a specific situation. But there aregeneral recommendations on how to get a person out of depression.

Stages on the way out of depression

  • When a situation has just occurred, because of which a person has become depressed, do not rush to bother him, asking him about the details. At the initial stage it is important for him be alone. Let him, alone, ponder over the situation, think whether it is as terrible as it seemed at first glance. Perhaps a little thought, he will come to the conclusion that everything is not so scary. Then there is no need to talk about depression. This stage should not be delayed. Let it take a minimum number of days.
  • Next stage - give a man talk. Now that he has thought of everything, he needs listeners. Perhaps when the situation is voiced out loud, it will no longer seem so terrible. If your loved one claims that there is no specific reason for depression, but simply “everything is bad!”, Gently explain to him that absolutely everything is not bad. Help someone close to compile a list of problems that seem unresolvable to him. And then, together or alone, think over each individual problem. How can it be solved? If the depression was not of a protracted nature, and the first stage passed fairly quickly, proceed to the next stage.

  • Suppose your loved one has compiled a list of failures and decided how to cope with them. Fine! This means that, most likely, the end of depression. Because when a person plans something, it means that he has a desire and desire for something in the future, he no longer thinks that everything is so bad now, he already hopes that everything will be fine in the future .
  • To man finally took off the burden of depression, he needs to walk more in the open air, in the park, in the forest, on the lake. Let him listen to the rustle of the wind, the singing of the birds. It is both relaxing and inspiring at the same time!

What to do to close a person out of depression?

  1. Watch that your close person did not listen to heavy, depressing music, did not watch the same programs. Watch out for alcohol. All these things are not able to help, they will only diminish the situation.
  2. If you have the opportunity, find some thematic film in which the main character finds himself in a situation similar to that in which your loved one has fallen. In the end, the hero must overcome the situation, and he should be fine. Watch this movie together, let him know that he is not alone. Most likely, your close person will be inspired by the film.
  3. When some time has passed, invite friends, arrange a picnic, or go on a visit yourself. Perhaps a cheerful laugh awaken your loved one from a protracted depression.
  4. Surround the person with understanding, kindness and endless positive! Let him be comfortable next to you.

How can you relax while depressed?

What factors have a relaxing effect on a depressed person?

  • BathhouseEven in Russia it was known about its wonderful properties.
  • Shower. Nothing is more invigorating than a cool shower.
  • Pine bath.It is not necessary to visit a beauty center to lie in a coniferous bath; it is enough to add a few drops of essential oil of coniferous trees to your home bath.
  • Swimming. You can swim everywhere. The river, pond, lake, pool, sea - the choice is quite wide.
  • Hot tea.Strong sweet hot tea perfectly tones up!
  • Meditations. If your loved one can meditate, great! Let him, while meditating, gradually come out of a depressive state!
  • Classical music. It helps very well. Just choose the one that is calm, melodic.
  • Physical exercise.Oddly enough, but work helps to get out of depression. When a person gets very tired, he does not have the strength to think about something, the body needs rest.

Do not forget about the benefits of fresh air for humans, Let your loved one walk more in nature. In addition, you can give him an animal - a kitten, puppy or hamster, for example. There are many cases where people seemed to emerge from deep sleep, when they realized that they should take care of someone.

Be healthy you and your loved ones!

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