How to gain self-confidence

Your self-confidence is your inner state, which largely depends on your perception of yourself. Self-esteem is a very important and necessary thing, but it is rarely stable and depends on life circumstances. In general, it is difficult to find a person who would adequately evaluate himself. Often self-esteem is either overestimated or underestimated, of course, if self-appraisal is slightly overestimated, then there is nothing to worry about, but if it is too low, then this is a cause for concern.

Such self-esteem does not believe in their capabilities, it binds a person into the framework and limits his life. How to deal with uncertainty, if she pursues you every day?

How to gain self-confidence?

Do not compare yourself with anyone

Starting to compare yourself with someone, you will obviously lose out, because each person is unique and someone will have something that you do not have, and vice versa. Then what's the point of comparing, it would be much better to find people with their best positive qualities, ask for advice in the necessary field of knowledge, and postpone it for a note.

Do not blame yourself

For many people, it’s just some kind of painful pleasure to engage in samoedism, to look for your mistakes in the past, it forms an image of a failure and a negative perception of your personality. It is best to let go of all the old troubles and offenses and continue to live in the present. There are no ideal people, and we all have the right to make mistakes; it is much more correct to concentrate on our achievements.

Surround yourself with cheerful, confident people.

A successful and confident person is a good role model, many subconsciously reach out to such people in order to draw positive energy from them. On the contrary, gloomy, pessimistic people infect with their bad mood, and you yourself become the same after communicating with them, so make your environment from cheerful optimistic natures.

Do what you love

No one is interested in going to a boring, unloved job every day; life then becomes a routine. When you are engaged in business, then inspiration appears and creative power, and life becomes a joy. And by the way, there is nothing terrible about leaving the bored work and starting to look for a new one. Do not be afraid that leaving one job you will not find another, everything is in your hands.

Make your speech competent and clear

It is unlikely that a confident person who mumbles something under his breath will seem to us timidly. Speech should be calm, without sudden drops of intonation, and you should never throw words to the wind, it is better to think first and then say, then people will treat you with respect.

Write down your achievements

Well, everything is simple here, take a piece of paper and write what you have achieved in life, make the list as long as possible and then read it with pride.

Make a list of your positive qualities

You also paint on a piece of paper, for which you can love and be proud of yourself and put this list in a prominent place.

Do not focus on your shortcomings

You have to accept yourself as you are, with good and bad qualities, because each person is interesting because he has a set of different qualities. But you shouldn't encourage your shortcomings either, you just don’t need to focus on them.

Do not attach great importance to problems.

If you are tormented by a question or an unresolved situation, simply brush it aside and the solution will soon appear. The more you think about the problem, the more it will eat you. Just take a little break in time and forget about what is torturing you.

Understand what you really want

Quite often, people are obsessed with what they don’t have, and they don’t notice what they really need. Find out if you live exactly the life you want? If not, then prioritize your life and start moving towards new goals.

Rejoice at the compliments and accept them with dignity

Do not pretend that you are not worthy of praise, but you also should not accept the appearance of a proud bird. Just give a modest thanks to others for this, they should not get the feeling that you are not worthy of compliments.

Lend a helping hand

Treat with attention to your loved ones and others, they may need your help in difficult times. The confidence that you can be useful to someone will emphasize your importance and make you more confident.

Start small

If you are afraid to start large tasks at once, break it into small ones and start their implementation. As you achieve them, your faith in yourself will grow, and then the big goal will not seem so difficult to you.

Change the situation

Depression, bad mood often occurs due to everyday routine. Therefore, it is useful to change the situation for at least a couple of days, it helps to gain new strength and emotions.

Move only forward

Our whole life consists of movement. Try every day to set yourself new goals and objectives, cheer yourself when even small successes happen to you. If you do not move from one point all the time, then you will be in a depressed state.

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