How to fulfill your dream

We all have dreams. Someone dreams of a romantic dinner on the roof of a multi-storey building, someone wants to go to Paris, someone wants to write a book or learn how to play the violin. It would seem that there is nothing simpler: if you want, go and do it. But there are always circumstances, obstacles, obstacles in our path.

How to bring the realization of a dream? How to make reality your dreams? There are several magical ways to achieve what you want!

Picture your dream

It doesn't matter if you can draw or not. Just take a sheet of paper, pencils or paint and draw. That which is hidden within us and not manifested without is perceived by the Universe worse. Therefore, it makes sense to show the world what you would like. Let it be a sketchy drawing, but it will reflect your dream: a wedding, London or a new handbag. Place your work of art in your favorite room, where you are most often, so that it is in your field of vision.

There is another effective method - to create a map of desires, placing dreams from different areas of life on one sheet using carved pictures and signatures in an affirmative form and in real time.

Draw an image of what you dream

This is a creative technique that helps us to fantasize and reveal. In it, as in the previous method, it is proposed to draw your dream, but not as a physical, real existing object, but as a certain image. If you want to learn how to dance tango, you will need to portray not yourself in the dance, but a certain mood of this dream. Create an abstract drawing in spontaneous colors that you associate with the feeling, joy, emotions of your desire. This way activates your energy, helps you internally feel the invisible flow of the dream, feel your connection with it and see the path that will lead to the achievement of the desired.

Come up with a fairy tale

This way of fulfilling desires is truly magical. He brings us back to childhood, to his origins, intimate desires, secrets. Write a good fairy tale about how your dream is fulfilled in a fabulous reality. Remember your favorite fairy-tale character and try to create for him a situation similar to yours. And then think about how this character gets out of this situation and realizes his dream in an excellent, best way. This is a unique technique that helps to look at your life from the side and see the opportunities that are always there, but not visible to us at first glance.

Come up with a fairy tale

Create a map of the path to the dream

Take a blank sheet of paper or cardboard and draw your dream on one edge and yourself on the opposite. These can be symbols, circles, dots. Now draw several paths that will connect you with a dream. As you draw them, repeat to yourself: “I’m looking for the path to my dream. I’m looking for the right way to reach the goal.”

Perform a ritual of merging with your card. Affinity with her and take her inside. To do this, raise your hand 30-40 cm above the pattern, close your eyes and gently, slowly, lower your palm on the pattern. Feel connected with it. Stay in this state for 2-3 minutes. Hang a map of the path to the dream on the wall or put it in a prominent place.

This technique works with your unconscious, so for the realization of the desire you will need a certain time period. Do not rush things. Just periodically recall your dream, look at the map, feel your inner connection with it and entrust to it the fulfillment of your desire in the most appropriate period.

Let your dream go to heaven

This method helps us to become open, learn not to keep anything from ourselves and give everything to the world. Try to feel in unity with the Universe, talk to the sky, entrust your secrets to it and release your desire into space. Soap bubbles or multi-colored balloons are suitable for this.

Go to the window, go to the balcony or just walking along the street, raise your eyes to the sky and make a wish. After that, let out into the air a lot of soap bubbles (balls). While they are flying, look at them and invest your dream in their flight. Ask them to help you achieve what you want quickly, joyfully, and easily.

Let your dream go to heaven

Dance your dream

Allow your body to move freely. Turn on any meditative music, mantra (but not music from discos) and start dancing. In the process of dancing, in the process, scroll in your head how your wish is fulfilled in this wonderful world. It is implemented as beautifully, easily, rhythmically and freely, like your dance. Activating the body helps to give a signal to the Universe that you are ready for happy changes in your life.

Fulfill your dream in parts

For example, you want to visit India. Start preparing for this trip, creating the atmosphere of India around you. Listen to mantras, buy a long skirt or sew a sari and sometimes wear them to dance to Indian music. Communicate with people who have already visited India or also want to go there. Find Indian recipes online and cook new dishes. Begin to get acquainted with the culture and customs of this country. Fill your home with the scent of incense, the kitchen with oriental spices, and your heart with cleanliness before God. So gradually you will make the rituals and traditions of India a part of your life, and then your dream will certainly come true!

Dream it! Let your life be filled with inspiration and vigorous activity to carry out your plans. Dreams inspire, give energy and a sense of flight. Use different ways to fulfill desires, show the Universe what you want with all your heart, and then your dreams will come true!

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