How to forget the past

Forget the past or some of its episodes. Such a desire, at least once, may arise in most people. The reasons for this can be many - the betrayal of a friend, betrayal of a loved one, dismissal from work. But life goes on, but the past can not leave you alone. What to do? How to forget the past?

Ways to forget the past

  • Take a piece of paper and a pen, and write whatever you care about. In the colors paint everything that made you go back to the past again and again. Do not hesitate and do not pick up the expression, write as you please. And then, do not read what you have written, but tear it up or burn it.

  • Try to forgive and let go of those people who have hurt you. First of all, dark feelings destroy you, so you need to get rid of these feelings as soon as possible.
  • The past is what was once gone, and this will not happen again. But what you think about now - the present - forms the events of your future. And it depends on what thoughts prevail in you, what the future will be like.
  • Do not carry a baggage of negative throughout life. You absolutely do not need him, he only hampers your way forward.
  • Do not think that forgiving a person you are doing him better this way. First of all you relieve the burden of self.
  • When you forgive a person who has brought you pain and grief, you are surprised to realize that the person has ceased to occupy all your thoughts and consciousness. And you will be much easier.
  • Do not think that having forgiven someone else, you will reconcile with him. You absolutely do not need to do this, as the experience you have experienced suggests that communication with this person does not lead to anything good.
  • Try to meditate. A state of complete peace and freedom from thoughts should drive away all gloomy thoughts from you.
  • Forgive not only the person who hurt you. Excuse me first of all. Do not let thoughts like: "And if I did like this, what would it be?" You did everything right.
  • Discover for yourself something new in this life - new friends, new passion, new experiences. Novelty like nothing else helps to relax and forget about the oppressive problems.

  • Do not try to forget any events that happened to you, it is simply impossible. In addition, it is your experience, and considering it, you will not repeat such an error in the future. Life experience is the most invaluable experience.
  • If quite a long time has passed, as a close person hurt you, but you keep scrolling all the time in your head, it can only mean one thing - this person is not indifferent to you. That is why it hurts you so much. To stop being tormented, you need to get rid of all feelings for this person as soon as possible.
  • Any betrayal and resentment has several stages: denial (I feel fine, I don’t care) - anger - "bidding" - apathy, depression - forgiveness. Sometimes it happens that a person, having gone through several stages, slows down on one of them, and cannot move to the next stage. Sometimes, only a psychologist can help in a situation.
  • Inspire yourself with the thought that the past that you had was an experience, but he can never be bad or good. All these are life lessons from which you extract invaluable information for yourself.
  • Do not try to forcibly forget about the events of the past. Thus, you will increasingly, mentally, return to this past.
  • All your mistakes and failures in the past can be regarded as necessary events. After all, now you know what to do and how to behave, and how you can never act again.
  • There will be nothing scary or shameful if you ask for help from a psychologist. In addition, please note, there is nothing wrong with the fact that you, seeing a psychologist, did not want to be frank with him, because he did not inspire confidence in you. This is absolutely normal. Look at the person, consider whether you want to be frank with him. If not - look for another specialist, do not do anything through force.

  • Learn to look at things differently change your view on what is happening. Indeed, in any, even the most negative story, you can find at least one plus.
  • The history of your life can not be rewritten, or erase part of it. Therefore, extract the maximum of experience from the past and apply it in the future.

It will take quite a bit of time, and you will see that everything can be experienced. Do not depress yourself with bad thoughts, because they have a direct impact on your health. Life goes on. And on her way you will surely meet those people who will be worthy of every respect and admiration!

I wish you happiness!

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