How to find your destination

Purpose - this is something from which we feel satisfaction, work becomes not a heavy duty, but pleasure. This is an activity that gives the feeling that your life is filled with meaning, that you are at that time and place. For example, you love singing all your life, studied in a music school, and now you end up working as a salesman, but you still want to sing on stage, which means that the salesman is clearly not your vocation. And maybe it’s the way that you don’t really like singing, but you really like to communicate with people, sell things.

Very often, we are disturbed by the false settings. We love to evaluate things or actions, calling them right and wrong, good and bad. Someone from childhood parents instilled that the public profession - this is not serious and not for long, these are all foolish children's dreams, and as a result, a girl, who from childhood dreams of becoming a dancer, became a lawyer, and wakes up every day to go to an unloved job. Or vice versa, a girl loves children, wants to work in a kindergarten or a teacher, but everyone says to her that this is unworthy and undervalued.

Another example with destination. Since childhood, a woman dreams of a strong happy family, where many children run, and she creates coziness and comfort in this house. But in newspapers and on television it is constantly repeated that a woman without work is incomplete and if she stays at home all the time with her children, she begins to degrade. There is a downside, a woman wants to have a favorite job, but her husband and others are perplexed, but who will follow the house and children if she works? This position may be correct, if the children are still small and they need care, but if they have already grown up and the woman wants to work, then she has the right to feel herself not obliged to anyone.

Purpose is also important to the fact that from your business and work, the world will be more colorful or something enriched. Everyone has their own special talent in anything, there are simply no empty and uninteresting people. And if everyone does what he likes, then the world will undoubtedly become more valuable.

Those who have already found their purpose, usually do not ask such a question and do not run from one job to another. But those who are still in search, are tormented by doubts and think, how is it possible to correctly define your vocation?

What do you like to do?

Even if you have a very low self-esteem, and you consider yourself a worthless person who does not know how, sit down and think about what you like to do and at the same time that you are good at it. Maybe you are the best at analyzing, drawing or counting, and maybe you are preparing excellent specialties? It does not necessarily have to be a well-known profession, there are so many examples where hobby has become a matter of life.

Maybe you write beautiful love poems at night or weave original bead jewelery, try to translate it to a higher level. If nothing of your own talents comes to mind, then remember what you liked to do at school, maybe you wrote the best essays, solved problems in algebra, or always actively participated in the acting circle. Write down everything that happened to remember on a piece of paper and now analyze what will come first for you.

What brings inspiration?

So, you have decided what you are good at and what you like to do. Now think, does this bring you inspiration? Your present mission will be sure to combine both the pleasure from the process, inspiration, and your skills in business. You can love and be able to do something, but at the same time you don’t feel like a happy person, you don’t feel that you are doing your job.

What are you dreaming about?

In dreams, we give ourselves complete freedom of action, we can do everything we want, be what we want, so what prevents us from realizing our dreams in life? Think about who you represent yourself in your dreams - an actress, designer, writer, model or loving wife and a large mother? Do not be afraid to present yourself in the most daring images, try on several different professions and when you present yourself in the role of your destiny, you will certainly feel a surge of strength, the joy of the fact that even in your dreams, you are closer to your vocation.

And now just go ahead

You have defined your purpose and even dreamed about this topic. But what to do next, and continue to dream? Of course not, now we must act. First, do not make rash actions and leave your real work, plunging into your destiny, leave yourself a place for safety net. Purchase literature on the topic, sign up for the appropriate courses. Every free minute engage in self-education, and at the same time watch how much you like it. If during classes you do not know where a lot of strength comes from, you want to do more and more, then you are on the right track. When you have already reached a certain level in your business, you can refuse other earnings and start a new path.

Get rid of fears and attitudes

One of our most important enemies is our fears, they constrain our strength and prevent us from achieving our goals. How to deal with them? To begin with, first of all, recognize that they are and think, what are you most afraid of? The fact that you are condemned by others, that you will fail, or something else ... And here decide for yourself what you choose? To be afraid and live on with a gray and boring life, or to put aside all fears and start doing what you love, maybe at first everything will turn out differently from what you had planned, but this is not a reason to despair, but rather just an incentive to act.

There are also many installations that hold us down, for example, we can assume that this business will not bring us money, or this business is more suitable for entertainment, but not for work, and many more different beliefs that seize consciousness.

There are no two people who would come to success in the same way, everything is very individual and therefore if you want to work and live according to your destiny, then you only have to listen to the voice of your own heart. There is another good recipe for finding a destination: imagine yourself absolutely happy, what are you doing, how will you see yourself? Read about other ways of self-knowledge in the article How to find out your purpose in life ?.

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