How to develop the right brain

The brain of man is an amazing and perfect matter. And even with the serious work of one hemisphere, a person develops perfectly. And if your brain works on "two fronts", then you are well developed. These "fronts" - the hemispheres that make up the brain, they are responsible for different abilities. Before you understand why, find out which hemisphere is developed more from you. For this there are some special and very simple tests.

How to develop the right brain?

Hemispheric Development Test

  1. Weave fingers and notice the thumb of the hand that was on top.
  2. Imagine you are at a concert or in a theater. You need to repay. Observe which hand is on top.
  3. Cross your arms over your chest: which hand covers the other?

If we’ve figured out these, let's move on to what both hemispheres are responsible for.

What are the cerebral hemispheres responsible for?

Right hemisphere

Left hemisphere

Intuition is the main feature of your right hemisphere. Symbols, images, spatial orientation - this is a person "right"

Processing a large amount of information without analysis is also inherent in the right hemisphere

Logic is the main characteristic of the left hemisphere. Mathematical, analytical and logical processes for you will be available. Consistent processing of information and memorizing the literal meaning of words is also a matter of the hands of the left hemisphere.

The ability to perceive music depends on the right hemisphere, but learning and learning music is better obtained from the left

The left side of your brain gives you a penchant for tongues, reading and writing. Remembers accurate information - dates, facts and names are also left hemisphere

With the help of the right side, a person understands metaphors and the indirect meaning of words.

Control over the movements of the right half of the body is also carried out by the left hemisphere.

Developed imagination will be a man with a “right-hand drive”. Fantasies, dreams, fiction, recognition of human faces - this is the right hemisphere

Artistic abilities also apply to this side.

The right side is also responsible for sex, only for emotions, not for the technique.

A developed sense of religiosity and faith in mysticism from the right hemisphere

The development of the right brain

If you have stepped onto the path of difficult changes in yourself and self-improvement, then you need to know: in order to develop this or that hemisphere, you will need to work hard. It should be clearly understood - the development of the hemispheres depends on the amount of work to which you subject them. All that is required of you is systematic and diligent work.

How to develop the right brain?

The first is to engage the side of the body that is controlled by the right hemisphere — that is, the left. Juggling with one hand, drawing or writing, physical exercises for the left side will also be effective.

Exercises on the development of the right hemisphere

  • Straighten, focus and close your eyes. Imagine your two-hemispheric brain. In your imagination you will need to glance alternately with your left eye on the left hemisphere, right - on the right. Next, concentrate on the center of the brain.
  • Take care and imagine the brain and its hemispheres. On the left you have logic, and on the right - intuition. On the left in your mind will be numbers, and in the right - the letters. You have to imagine the following: mentally count until you feel bored or feel unpleasant. With the listing of the alphabet is the same.
  • There are many visual tests and exercises on the net that also help develop the right hemisphere. You should not only strain yourself and hope for imagination, but also resort to such ways to develop the right side.

How to develop the right brain?

To date, more than half of humanity, namely, 80% of the left brain is better developed. After all, the school focuses on the study of logical and language problems. In our schools with art and creative component there are gaps and they are quite large. Therefore, initially, the child should be oriented not only to exact sciences and languages, but also to encourage him to be creative.

A child must do something with his own hands and receive pleasure and approval from his parents. With adults as well. If you didn’t do anything to this day regarding creativity, then it’s time to do it. Open in yourself any abilities - learn to draw, sculpt from clay, write reviews or essays. Feel free to grow. As you know, an adult after graduation begins to forget most of the information. And everyone knows a certain truth: a person with age should become smarter, more beautiful, kinder and developed, and vice versa. Therefore, it is never too late to start developing in any direction. The most important thing is to start! Good luck!

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