How to develop imagination

What is a man without imagination? At any time this was far from a compliment. It is very disappointing to hear from the interlocutor that you lack the imagination. But as a child you could not be reproached for this. What happened?

Every adult loses some part of the child's spontaneity over time, and with it the fantasy goes away. And matured people often stop fantasizing and dreaming just because they have already grown up. Such overly serious, conscious citizens often fail to switch from work to rest and back.

All creative ideas come from those who have not stopped dreaming, who sometimes indulge their fantasies. It is not a secret for anybody that a large percentage of couples all over the world are breaking up just because of the lack of imagination and diversity in relationships. Life kills a love union, turning it into a simple "cell of society".

But after all we can show imagination in all areas. Today we take children to development centers. But often we ourselves also would not hurt to work a little on our imagination and imagination. And this will help the simplest exercises and, in particular, children. By fantasizing with them, we begin to dream and see the world around us more vivid.

Ways to develop imagination and imagination

Better and faster adult fantasy develops with a child, therefore, all your imagination training is best done playing with children. If there are none, then it will be a little harder, but still it is a doable task.

  • In order to start fantasizing, tell yourself and the child that this is not embarrassing and very interesting. Some children are not afraid to do it in the open, but some need to talk about it in detail. Teach children to be proud and admire the fact that they have developed a fantasy. And at the same time remind yourself that such abilities are necessary not only for children, but also for adults.

  • Make sure you and your baby are on good terms. After all, the child must trust you and only then will he reveal to you his "secret plans" and "secret rooms." And maybe tell about what kind of creatures live there. Play along with him, more often arrange holidays and sneak into the house of friends of the child. Make a thorough list of games and tasks for children. At the same time and see how your baby interacts in a team and alone.
  • Adults who want to develop a fantasy should read more literature. If you like a book in the genre of fiction - just fine, and if not, read what you love. If you have kids, it is better to discuss what you read with them, you can retell the Strugatskys, but adapt them to their age. It will always be interesting to the child, he may begin to play along with you, inventing a new plot and heroes. And here it is better to pick up his initiative and together "rewrite" the real story. And when the child grows up and reads the original, he will remember for a long time how “as a child, my parents and I invented a new Roadside Picnic.”

List of books that will be interesting to both children and adults:

  • Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
  • The Little Prince - Antoine De Saint-Exupery
  • Canterville Ghost, Dorian Gray Portrait - Oscar Wilde
  • Frankenstein - Merry Shelley
  • Dracula - Bram Stoker
  • Stories - Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Write the child in sections that can develop his imagination, for example, drawing. Encourage the writing of poems and various prose. Perhaps the very first indifferent and children's poems of your child will encourage him to write something more serious.
  • For adults better start a blog or diary. It’s not scary that you can’t write like correspondents in The Times, the main thing is what you write about. Retell the day, share plans for the near future. Write absolutely everything that you see fit. This will help you not only make your head work, but also structures your desires and opportunities. Who knows, perhaps it is your diary, and not your psychoanalyst, one day he will give you the answers to the most important questions.

  • As for adults, they too will not prevent from time to time to play. Feel free to get together in big companies and play different games. Mafia, poker, even Activiti - a game for children is very interesting and exciting for adults.
  • For greater imagination try to communicate more at work with people who previously did not interest you, Meet, discover new horizons. Get yourself friends who are not like you, who have different views on life. These people will be your contrast, they will be able to open for you a new page of life.
  • Try to show your imagination in any business: cooking, style, personal relationships in marriage. Let your desktop be updated.

  • Do something with your own hands for the office - clocks, calendars, pencil stands, flower pots - start with these little things.
  • Gifts are a great way to develop your imagination. Discard the standard sets and gift certificates. Make creative gifts for people, please your family and friends with new ideas for leisure, for work, for parties.
  • And, finally, communicate more with people. Go to exhibitions and theaters, discuss plays and movies.

Lack of fantasy in some sense is laziness. Fear of being different; too lazy to invent something unusual, etc. But remember: as soon as you start to be lazy in this - you will become lazy in everything. Fantasy is a gift that can be developed. Not many abilities exist that would develop as easily as this. So don’t waste your time, take right now and start with yourself - write your first work - a poem or prose. Do not try to choose a size or genre! Write! Let your thoughts flow smoothly on paper. The most important thing - do not throw out your opus, let it become a sign of the rebirth of your fantasy!

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