How to develop clairvoyance

Scientists believe that in the future many people will have extrasensory abilities, but this is all so far away somewhere, and you want to look into your future right now, read people's thoughts and do many more fantastic things. It seems it is simply not realistic, but in fact every person has clairvoyant abilities, we just do not develop them.

From an early age, children are taught to walk, talk, then read and write, except that they are not taught how to hear their inner voice and seek help from the Universe. So how do you develop clairvoyant abilities, what are their advantages and why do you need it?

Tips for successful clairvoyance

Feel ready to accept and discover new skills in yourself. Compliance with these rules will significantly speed up your path to developing clairvoyant abilities, will make your energy channels more open.

  • When your heart is filled with anger and negativity, then for what matter you take, all the time you will have some difficulties and problems so remove all negative trash from your head and cleanse the soul of negative emotions. When you think good and do good deeds, the result will come to you much faster.
  • If you are going to develop clairvoyance abilities, you will have to train for a long time and regularly, if you are not ready for this, then there is no point in starting. Perform each exercise thoughtfully and deliberately, do not postpone anything until tomorrow, and you will notice that each time you will get better.

  • Do not focus on one thing, but develop yourself in all directions, because clairvoyance is a very wide field of knowledge that can be studied throughout life. The simplest example: a person will never become a good surgeon if he studies only this area of ​​knowledge, and not all medicine. Also with clairvoyance - read as much literature as possible on this topic and practice all your free time.
  • Eat the right and healthy food, or rather Try to exclude from your diet food of animal origin, or eat it as little as possible.. Such food obscures our mind, takes a large amount of energy and, as a result, we do not have enough strength for our hobbies and interests.
  • Get rid of stereotypes become open to new knowledge. Very often, we are trapped in some kind of restrictions, and even if we initially have very good clairvoyant abilities, until we believe in the existence of secret abilities, there is little to be done. Have an unshakable confidence that all this exists.

Exercises for the development of clairvoyance

  • This method is suitable for beginners in the development of clairvoyance.. Take a photo of a person you know. Put a photo on the table, first study it well, consider the appearance of this person. Then sit comfortably and try to relax as much as possible, close your eyes. Now mentally imagine the image of this person, imagine what he can do now, and ask a question about him. Drop any logical reasoning during the exercise, trust your inner voice. Perform this exercise for a week for 30-40 minutes, then meet the person in the photo and find out what he did all this time and what happened to him. Try to interpret your feelings and compare them with his answers.

  • This exercise for the development of clairvoyance is called wall vision.. For many centuries, clairvoyants have been using this secret skill, it can be used to find out what is behind a wall or lies in a closed object. To begin this exercise, take a chair, enter a state of meditation, and highlight some point on the wall that you will look at. Moreover, this point should be located above your view, and the wall will be at arm's length. The point will be the place through which you will eventually learn to look through the wall. Look at the point for about 20 minutes and try not to blink, then translate a general look at the wall and look at the same point only from the opposite side, as if piercing through it. On the reverse side of the eyelids, see also 20 minutes. Do the exercise every day.
  • The following exercise is good to perform at bedtime or when you are in a relaxed, relaxed state and do not hurry anywhere. Close your eyes and try to see the outlines and stains on the inside of the eyelids. At first, you will see incomprehensible pictures, but by doing the exercise regularly, you will be able to distinguish the outlines of objects and even see clearly with your eyes closed, but this will be discussed in the next exercise.

  • The principle of this exercise is complete rest and no movement due to which the internal energy is activated, and the centers responsible for intuition and clairvoyance awaken. Choose a comfortable place, sit or lie down so that you feel comfortable. Watch your sensations and try to fully control your body muscles, watch out for its immobility. Do not allow even a single movement of any muscle of the body, only breathing should work in your body. But at the same time, watch for the immobility of the body without tension, as if it were your natural state. In this state, hold on to start at least five minutes and increase the time each time.
  • After this technique, you can move on to one of the most important exercises. Enter a state of immobility and close your eyes. Consider the images you see from the back of the eyelids. This can be compared with when a person is in a movie theater and, while waiting for a movie, looks at a blank screen. Enjoy viewing shapes and lines with your eyes closed, watch every new movement. Slowly but surely you will enter a light hypnotic sleep that can be easily interrupted if you move.

Lie down for about 15 minutes and soon you will begin to appear clear outlines and images of objects. Every day will get better! Ideally, you can see everything as in reality. In carrying out this exercise, you can ask any question and get an answer to it, you can even see a person or an event. Practice every day for 15 minutes, and you can quickly get answers to your questions using this technique.

Clairvoyance can be developed by stubborn workouts and a great faith in your success, so if you enthusiastically and vigorously get down to business, you will definitely succeed!

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