How to cure depression

More and more often we hear from our acquaintances: I have depression ... And by the way, many of them do not suspect that this is a serious disease, and not just a dark streak in their lives. A disease is of a mental nature and it is not difficult to identify it, as it has characteristic features.

Signs of depression

Most often, a depressed person does not laugh or smile, life loses all its colors for him, he becomes indifferent to what is happening.

  • A man in this state does not care about his appearance at all, he does not want to look beautiful, he considers it unnecessary.
  • In conversation, a depressed person is not active. You will not see a reaction from him in the dialogue. He does not ask questions, and his answers are very monosyllabic. Often he simply does not want to talk with anyone or about anything, he is not interested in talking.
  • If we talk about internal sensations, then he experiences states of sadness, longing, the worthlessness of his life, even suicidal thoughts (with severe depression).
  • Looking back, he does not see anything well, he does not dare to hope for a beautiful future, and ordinary life for him is a burden. He wants to fall asleep soon, but often suffers from insomnia.

Causes of Depression

Causes of depression are divided into two groups.:

  1. physiological - related to health;
  2. mental - associated with emotional experiences, stress, fatigue, monotony of life.

Most often, after surgery, after or during illness, after childbirth, or during menopause, a woman is depressed. But this is physiology, and with treatment, depression goes away.

If depression is caused by non-physiological reasons, it is not recommended to resort to treatment with antidepressants. Most often, these pills are addictive. The best remedy will be to put in order your own thoughts and work on yourself.

How to get rid of depression?

You have two options - either succumb to depression, or start to fight it.

If you choose the first option, then get ready for more worse disorders. Mental ailments provoke diseases of our body.

How to deal with depression?First of all, for many people, the state of anguish and dejection is caused by a short light day, so they are exposed to it during the cold season. Buy a fluorescent lamp and turn it on every day for several hours, perhaps it will be easier for you. If depression is not related to the length of the daylight or has come in your summer, then look for the reason in yourself.

It is important not to delve into your shortcomings, not to think about how useless you are, unsuccessful and unnecessary to anyone, but to understand what caused your condition.Having found out the cause of depression, you can either eliminate it or change your way of thinking.

Failure in love, failure in not work, even the monotonous rhythm of life - all these are provocateurs of depression. Such depression is not so easy to cure. But for those who really want this - everything is on the shoulder.

Communication as a way to defeat depression

Communicate with those with whom you are pleased! And do not complain about your condition, better ask for advice and try together to find out what caused your depression.

From the heart laugh with a loved one over funny incidents or remember something good from your past. Do not develop with him the theme of sadness, that you will be further depressed. Adjust yourself to communicate only with a smile on your face and in your soul, to expect good.

Sometimes it happens that I want to be alone, I do not want to see even the closest and beloved people. In this case, do what you want, but ...

Change your thoughts to positive

Instead of the usual music listen to the sounds of nature. If possible, then get out into nature. Some take a walk in the forest near the river. The contemplation of the water is very soothing and pacifying. Lean in a forest against a birch tree or an oak tree and imagine that you gain new strength from a tree, become internally beautiful and powerful as it is.

  • Take a walk in the park, where many small children. Look at the happy baby smiles. No doubt you will want to smile back.
  • Watch the flight of birds, visit the circus, chat with animals.
  • Do not sit shut up move more, visit different places: theaters, exhibitions, galleries.
  • You may want to watch a movie that will help you change the course of your own thoughts. Choose a movie about the meaning of life with a life-affirming end..

Bringing order as a remedy for depression

  • Try to take a fresh look at yourself and your life, imagine that you are a different person. Talk to yourself from someone else's face. Ask about what is sad about you, what you want, what you are going to do, and give yourself advice on how to cure depression.
  • You can write down your tips on paper, make a plan of small but effective actions.
  • Clean the apartment and discard the old, unnecessary things that litter your house. Throwing them out, imagine that with them, you get rid of the past, the causes of your sorrows and sufferings. Clear your thoughts!
  • You can do yoga to meditate, it will be very useful, especially if it is done every day.
  • For Christians, it is better to go to church — to pray and to communicate with their spiritual father.

"Our medicine is in ourselves ..." (Shakespeare)

People since ancient times suffer from depression. Only they used to work hard and did not have the opportunity to succumb to the depression. In our world, a lot of things make our life easier and at the same time make it more uniform. But the essence of man is unchanged, and one should never forget the wise words of great people. We ourselves can do whatever we want! And nothing is impossible. It is only necessary to cope with laziness, overcome the blues and start working on yourself, changing your inner worldview!

Start with a smile! Smile yourself more often and say that everything is fine with you, and it will be even better!

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