How to control your emotions

Irritation is a completely natural human reaction that occurs as a result of some unpleasant events or failures. Psychologists have shown that some people are more likely to succumb to anger than others. It depends on the innate temperament and the type of the nervous system, but does not at all indicate a person’s bad character or bad education. People are calmer going through all these emotions in itself, not letting it out, which often leads to the fact that anger accumulates inside them and poisons their lives.

To instantly combat bouts of irritation, there are quick methods - for example, sports loads, that switch your body from fits of anger to physical work. By the way, sometimes through aggression, your body wants to report a lack of physical exertion. Include jogging in the morning, exercise or fitness.

You, probably, noticed that before the anger pours out, in our subconscious there is a choice of further strategy of behavior: to master your emotions or vice versa throw them out. At this moment, put a situation on the scales when you stay calm and a situation where you did not hold back and imagine the possible consequences of your anger. Modern medicine has two different points of view on irritability: one says that one should learn to keep one’s emotions inside, and another, which is harmful to accumulate anger in oneself, it is necessary to demonstrate it from time to time. But in the workplace, it’s unlikely to be a good solution to show all your emotions, There is a chance to gain enemies among colleagues or to lose a job altogether. There are many ways to help deal with bad emotions, choose the one that you will like.

1. Work with imagination

Often during a scandal or quarrel, we so want to raise our voices or even fight with an opponent. Do it in your imagination! It turns out that emotions inside will not accumulate and scandal will not happen. Play the whole movie in your head that you will tell the other person that he will answer you, but then you take the crystal vase and run it a centimeter away from him, he dodges, think over all the details. Cool, is not it?

Another way is to imagine that you are surrounded by an impenetrable wall, and any negative from the surrounding world is broken against its walls. The form and material can be absolutely any, the main thing is that you feel calm in your "house". Or imagine that you have a powerful lightning conductor and any negative actions directed at you, you take away like thunderstorms.

You can concentrate on your breathing: inhale deep fresh fresh air, which does not carry any emotions, and exhale hot red, painted in the color of your negative feelings. Imagine this most clearly, then you will succeed.

Many say that it helps to talk a caricature when talking with an unpleasant person. Mentally note all of his flaws and add any other funny features, you can imagine him in some ridiculous situation. Irritation will start to go away, because one of his enemies is laughter.

2. Draw a real picture

This is a very simple way - you take paper and draw your opponent with ordinary pencil..It is not necessary to be a great artist, draw, because you know how, you are not going to carry it to an exhibition. And then imagine that all your anger and discontent are concentrated on the tip of the pen. Paint over your creation without leaving a single white spot on his face. Put all your negativity on paper. Then tear it into small pieces and flush it down the toilet.

If you draw well, draw a caricature of your enemy and hang it in a visible place, of course without signing who is shown in the picture. As soon as you begin to boil malice to this person, look at the picture and translate irritability into a smile.

3. Understand with yourself

Communicating even with an unpleasant person may be useful for you. Try to understand why it causes you to have such emotions. Therefore, when talking with him, mark some points that will help you understand your own emotions. Ask yourself:

Why does your interlocutor behave in this way? The answer, because his goal is to annoy me will not work, try to look at the situation from the other side. Maybe that person’s life doesn’t work out in the best way possible, and that’s why he’s doing this. And it may be that a person sees that you are unfriendly towards him and responds to you in the same way. What kind of actions and phrases of your "enemy" reinforce your discontent? If the situation repeats again, how will I respond? These questions will help to understand the true reasons for your irritation, which are hiding inside you, and not in a person. But if even these methods do not help you not to react to the enemy, then limit your communication with him to a minimum.

Do not give emotions manage your destiny and poison life, learn to control yourself in any situation. When our feelings rule us, everything begins to go with the flow, and when we are not dependent on them, then we manage the course of events ourselves.

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