How to become more feminine

Know yourself

Sooner or later, each woman decides that she wants to become more feminine. Femininity is a rather voluminous concept and contains many factors. Much of this can be learned. therefore If you have the desire to acquire or develop your femininity, feel free to start learning.

Femininity and the ability to communicate correctly

At all times, men were attracted not only and not so much beautiful (although this is also important), as charming and sophisticated women. In order to become one, it is necessary, first of all, to learn how to properly communicate with men, and indeed with everyone. For this purpose, many different editions are produced, which describe different methods of teaching people how to correctly communicate correctly. However, there is a point in which absolutely everything converges: You will not learn to communicate properly until you can teach yourself to listen to your interlocutor.

Learn to conduct a dialogue so that your interlocutor is comfortable. First, listen to everything that he wants to tell you, you need to answer 3 seconds after the end of his monologue. Never interrupt the interlocutor. This is not only bad form, but simply unpleasant for the person who communicates with you.

The second, but no less important rule is that you need to communicate with the person as you want them to communicate with you. If you want a person to show kindness and responsiveness to you, not being rude to you, behave accordingly.

The third rule is the simplest: smile. Your sincere smile can not only arrange the other person, but also give him a good mood. However, here too, you need to know the measure. You can smile if you like the person or if you have a great mood. But to smile when the interlocutor talks about his problems, it is better not to.

Femininity as work

You will have to work on yourself. To be feminine is daily work. Every girl should be well-groomed and neat, and it requires a lot of time and effort. A young lady, even with the most beautiful features of her face, will look bad if she doesn’t follow her hair and face. About the secrets of daily maintenance of femininity, read the article How to be beautiful every day ?.

If your plans include an increase in the coefficient of your own femininity, then bring a little more self-care procedures into your life. After a while, you yourself will notice the changes taking place.

Being feminine means being confident

To feel confident, you must first love yourself. It would seem that it is not difficult. But the processes occurring in our brain, very often contradict this. Our thinking and perception are arranged in such a way that it is easier for us to believe in something bad said in our address than in good. Therefore, the first thing worth starting to develop the ability to be self-confident is the right attitude to those estimates that give you other people. It should be understood that bad judgments about you are not always adequate. Each person perceives everything in his own way. Moreover, his opinion can be affected by various external and internal factors that do not concern you in any way. Suppose a person has a bad mood (terrible). In this state, he can give a negative assessment of your appearance or actions. There are those who intentionally flatter. Such people should also be avoided, because they will not be able to give you any more or less practical advice. Useful tips look in the article Low self-esteem of women.

In fact, you can only trust one hundred percent. This applies to the choice of clothes, actions and making other important and not very decisions. Learn to listen to the judgments of each, but do what you want. Always be sure of your choice. In addition, it is very important to love yourself. Remember that every woman must have an individuality. Do not try to match the invented patterns. If you try to be like everyone else, you just lose your femininity.

To become more feminine, learn to play

A woman should be airy and cheerful. Therefore, one must learn to relate to life easily. An overly serious woman should not. Femininity is partly in playfulness. A true woman should be able to joke, flirt, smile more often and even tease. In addition, the ability to more easily perceive your life will help you. All during the term allotted to us on earth have various unpleasant situations. And from such embarrassment, it is best to leave with a smile, turning everything into a joke. It is necessary to remember this and being alone with yourself. If you want to be feminine, be one for yourself. This quality should stick to you, always accompany, and not just at a certain time.

The elements of the game also include the change of their "roles". There are many examples of stories where women, who are favorites of noble men and at the same time models of femininity, easily knew how to change their images. No matter how gentle, caring and docile a woman is, a certain amount of unpredictability must be present in her.

Stability is, of course, good. However, in life it is necessary from time to time to make a variety. This also applies to your own image. You have plenty of opportunities to change your image. The fashion industry does not sleep and offers you more and more new variants of how you can look in one or another period of time. You just have to decide and choose. Do not be afraid of changing your image to lose your "I". It will not get anywhere from you if you correctly approach the solution of the problem.

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Femininity is the quality that you just can't do without. There are, of course, girls who have this quality observed since birth. However, if you are not one of them, do not be discouraged! The combination of qualities, combined into one concept of "femininity", you can easily develop yourself. The main thing is to believe in your strength! Article 70 of ways to replenish female energy will help you in this. Good luck!