How to become happy

Let's talk about Happiness! You want to be happy always, don't you? Do not you strive for this all your life? What is happiness? At the end of the article you will learn a secret that will allow you to become happy right now!

So, here are some examples that will explain to you that happiness is an Attitude.

The first situation:

Imagine that a baby was born. New life, new soul. For some, this is a great happiness, for those who have been waiting for this baby, or who have not been able to have children for a long time, and then suddenly a gift of fate! And for others ... who absolutely did not expect and is not ready - this is a burden, it is a great sorrow that now you have to take care of someone, not yet learned to take care of yourself.

The second situation:

The child could not get to school. (for example, living in a village where there is no school due to the small number of children). For one child is grief, he will remain uneducated for the rest of his life and no one will teach him to read and write. You may have to stay at home alone while the parents work. Or work with them.

For the other, this is joy, because he does not need to go anywhere now every day and he is free. And he can choose only one subject (which corresponds to his talent, for example, drawing) and just go to one teacher and hone his skills, or study for 10 years and then become the greatest artist!

Third situation:

There was such a parable in which it was told how one man’s son fell from a horse as a child and became lame forever. Everyone said, “Oh, what grief!”, But after a few years the war began and the son was not taken to the army because he was unfit because of his leg. The other sons died in battles, but he remained alive, and all because he had once fallen from a horse.

In any situation, you can find both good and bad. Learn to see and notice only good moments, develop positive thinking and then the world will turn to you with the brightest side.

When something happens to me, from which I cry, I try to see something positive in this situation. Even just tears are already joy, since they naturally relieve the emotions and experiences accumulated inside, thereby saving a person from the disease.

How to become happy?

We set goals and think that when we reach them, we will be happy. And so, we dreamed of an apartment or a car, or of a loved one, but when this desire comes true, we rejoice for two days, and then again in an endless pursuit of everything new and new (only this new is not always vital). The apartment needs repairs, the car needs gas, and with your loved one, things are not as simple as we would like, and more problems are created instead of happiness. So where is the happiness?

Learn to appreciate what you have now and then happiness will come to you immediately!


Change your attitude to what you already have.

Try to imagine that you have something no more. And at once you will understand the full value of this thing and will be happy about it, and not willing to replace it with another, more expensive and new one. For example, you wanted to buy new fashionable shoes, and you have old shoes, but you can wear them. Try to imagine that you don’t have this old one! Submitted? How will you walk barefoot in the city, how your feet will be cold and painful. Now go back. You are already happy that you have at least some shoes for life! You are already happy and you no longer need these trendy shoes, because you appreciate your old shoes, that they give you warmth and protect your feet from the weather. Now you understand that this fashion will not bring you happiness. Happiness already has you, you just do not notice it!

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