How to be the most beautiful on march 8

March 8 is the only day off in the year when you can rest with peace of mind only if you are properly prepared for it. After all, this is a holy day and can not be ignored.

Rosa and Clara, the ancestors of the holiday, did not differ in special marafet and were in vain. Remember them: inconspicuous "friends on the idea," dressed as necessary, without a spark in his eyes. But if they had fallen asleep at night with hair curlers, and in the morning they would have dressed more elegantly and more brightly, who knows, maybe now we had not one holiday, but three or even more. After all, no matter what anyone says, they meet each other by their clothes. This is an indisputable fact. And already on International Women's Day, letting yourself look amebic and unattractive is a real crime. We will not give you lengthy advice that you need to follow a whole year before the holiday. Until March 8, there is nothing left. So let's start the operation!

Operation "Woman before her success"

As you know, we women, if we want, can be irreplaceable everywhere: from the kitchen to the barricades. This happens, if we need it. So, babes, get together and do not get distracted!

First stage

No fasting. Reset a lot in these short days will not work, and not necessary. Only a sadomasochist can cause harm to herself, so you don’t need to give up food completely, especially since she will return to you again with a double digit. I offer a way that I tried on myself. There are many diets where you can eat everything, but count calories. This will be a way out of this situation. But you still have to strain your calculator. Remember, in the day you can eat from 750 to 1200 kcal. Accordingly, the food must be weighed, so that you get home scales, they cost up to a thousand rubles in any household store. Scales must be selected with a flat surface so that you can put a plate or other container. Next, get a notebook, mark everything that you eat, all up to a gram. You need to eat 4 to 6 times a day. The interval between meals should not exceed 4 - 4, 5 hours. And the apple is considered one meal. Do not pass. A table of calorie foods can be on the Internet.

Here is rough plan of action:

  1. Woke up. Weighed. They drank a glass of water. MANDATORY. This is for the work of the stomach.
  2. Breakfast: boiled egg, cheese sandwich, coffee with a piece of sugar and cream.
  3. First lunch - Chicken Rice Soup
  4. Second lunch - celery, cherry salad, radish with olive oil, boiled chicken breast
  5. Dinner - Kiwi
  6. Late dinner - Apple.

Ate? Still would. Hunger will not be if you eat meat. Do not starve yourself some vegetable salads, eat meat - protein is quickly absorbed by the body.

Last instructions - you need to drink water 2 liters per day, no less. And no physical exertion. Another olive oil for hair and nails will have to use often, add to a salad or soup in a teaspoon. And finally, in the pharmacy, buy a complex of ordinary vitamins, take during the diet.

If all this is done for 6 days, lose about 3 kilograms. For the remaining days and the loss of 1 kilogram - happiness! In the existing harsh conditions, this is a very decent result, will you agree? But look do not overdo it. Such a diet can last six months, then you need to increase the number of calories and enter sports. And girls, I beg you, do not ruin yourself, eat. Follow the condition of hair and nails, I once lost this beauty because of the refusal of carbohydrates in the diet. Do not try to throw out something, because it will affect your health. I have been restoring my hair and nails for 2 years now. Love yourself, eat on health, take care of your beauty.

Second phase

Take a phone right now and sign up for manicure and to the hairdresser - it is not difficult. If necessary, sign up and to the beautician, there is still time for a “waste” from cleansing the face, but it is worth to wait a little with peeling.

Immediately remember fast, but effective recipes for "instant appearance enhancement":

1. before the barber shop do mask against split ends: heat two tablespoons of olive oil and two spoons of honey in a water bath, apply to hair, wash off after 30 minutes.

2. If your skin can not boast a beautiful tan, do not rush headlong to the tanning bed, do not ruin your epidermis, trying to burn it. It is better beat the royal pallor of your skin suitable clothing, cosmetics and accessories. And do not try to use fake tan if you do not want to look cheap.

Third stage

We think over the images. There should be several of them, although if you like one, stay in it, the main thing is that you like it. At work, men will surely congratulate you, so buy a better “fresh” dress that would emphasize your figure. In it, you will feel like a queen, accepting congratulations. And the second outfit for the evening with his beloved, if there is one. And if not, it's time to think about it and accept the invitation of girlfriends to go to a party. Who knows, maybe the prince is already waiting for you?

Fourth stage

Without a mood, all your efforts are in vain. Realize that you are the center of this holiday. Release anxiety and worry. The only thing that men always want to see in a woman is self-confidence. Remember this. And then came March 8, and you are ready. We are ready not to accept gifts, congratulations and flowers, but to accept our ongoing success, our beauty and attractiveness.

Yes, the modern pace does not always allow us to look perfect, but this does not mean that we are not beautiful. We are beautiful because we say good words, do good deeds, say sincere compliments and are full of energy that is transmitted to others. We do not have to break into a cake in order to be considered the fair sex, because we already are. The only thing we need to understand is that everything will be fine, because it cannot be otherwise!

Happy holiday, dear women!

Especially for - Anna

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