How not to waste time

Successful people quite often seem to be people from another planet. All they do, everything is fine, everything is better than others. The optimism of inborn leaders, it would seem, knows no boundaries. But few people think about the fact that a successful person makes himself.

The power of every person to change their lives. Around the mass of opportunities to improve their own financial situation. Habits of the past pull back and do not give an opportunity to change their future for the better. To achieve success, it is necessary to engage in self-development: to learn English, to improve the ability in any of the areas, to apply this knowledge in practice. For all this, of course, one of the most valuable resources is needed: time.

Even realizing the importance of obtaining knowledge, many do not find time for self-development. But the one who really wants, will definitely have time to do the planned, having packed in 24 hours. Pay attention to common reasons for which "no time" for something truly worthwhile:

Computer games.

The temptation to live the life of virtual heroes is quite explicable: it’s enough to lose several times to understand the basic laws of the game. And in the future you can achieve mastery, get the next level, complete the quest or successfully complete the job. If suddenly what a mistake - there is always the opportunity to start from the beginning. In life, it is much harder to say to others: "Sorry, the mistake has come out. Now we will fix everything quickly and it will be even better." Computer games drag out incredibly. Moreover, both adults and children are quickly addicted to the ongoing process.

Council The best option is to record the start time and end time of the game. And to control yourself a certain number of hours per week, for which you can not go.

Social networks

(Odnoklassniki, vKontakte, Facebook). Answers to messages from former classmates, classmates, new acquaintances, friends and relatives take a lot of time. And if there are no messages, then it is tempting to wander through the pages of friends, see new photos, read comments. Same games, but on a smaller scale. And sometimes in social networks, you can sit quietly for several hours.

CouncilIf it's so interesting who lives what, get a database of your friends where you can enter important information about others. In the future, you can easily find information about how many children Ivan had when his wife was born and where he worked after the tenth dismissal. Also, as with computer games, you should limit the time spent in social networks.

Telephone conversations.

The habit of chatting with friends about anything is peculiar not only to women, but also to some men. It seems to be an important activity (remind those close to you about your existence, ask about the affairs of relatives), but 3-4 calls a day can take a total of a couple of hours.

Council Write your to-do list in advance. And make calls at the moment when it is necessary to perform mechanical work. For example, sort laundry for washing, clean the potatoes for dinner, iron the laundry. For convenience, you can use the headset.

Cleaning the apartment and cooking.

Fanatical flooring, dusting, re-hanging the curtains can take up all my free time, even if the room’s dimensions are barely a few square meters. Sometimes it is easier to dismiss serious things and do an "important" cleaning than to take responsibility for what is happening around. The same goes for food: if you cook overseas dishes every day with a long process of food processing, then there is no time left for anything else.

CouncilThere are primary tasks: washing dishes and cooking, which are solved in the first place. The dishes can be washed at the moment when something is boiling on the stove. Complicated dishes (dumplings, borscht, puff salads) can be cooked a couple of times a week, nothing more. The rest of the time, it is quite enough to cook soup, porridge, and make a light salad. Cleaning should not be an end in itself. It’s better to put things in one place instead of looking for them all over the apartment.

I have no doubt that everyone will find many more of their points, which can supplement the list written above. But think about it: do you really want to change your life for the better, that you agree to burn it to such minor matters? Perhaps you should give up old habits and start new ones?

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