How not to be afraid of change

Changes, even if they are happy, bring something unusual into our lives.. Many of us are in a state of confusion, because before we knew how and what to do, we existed in a comfort zone, but now it is not. We feel vulnerable because we don’t know what to expect. How to handle it? Simple tips will help you understand yourself and find the answer.

Fear to go beyond the comfort zone

The life of many women is full of pessimism. They complain about their fate, their children, their spouse, the boss and the authorities, and they believe that everything around them is to blame for their sufferings. For more than half the time of their precious life and all their energy, such people devote to hateful work, relationships that no longer bring happiness, and dubious ways to relax. They walk in a circle, suffer, do not understand why they live and wait for someone to tell them how to become happy.

And few people ask themselves the question: "Am I ready to change?".

In each of us there is internal contradiction: on the one hand, we very much want change for the better, we want to live brightly and happily, but on the other hand, everyone understands that as a result of the changes, not only life itself will change, but we too. But few of us are willing to change. We are accustomed to ourselves as we are. Do have to get rid of their views, habits, ideas? That is what scares. Internal limitations and lack of confidence in one's own forces make it difficult to change something in life, even if one really wants to. What to do?

Start doing what you did before

Let it be small tasks that you have not solved before. The most important thing is to start expanding the boundaries of the usual, let the experiment into our life, open up new horizons.

To get started, write something with your left hand (if you are right handed), explore the park in your city where you have never been. Go to an exhibition that you would not be interested in before, prepare a new original dish, tie a scarf around your neck differently, put your hair in an unusual style, wake up at another time, read a book of an unusual genre for you.

Show the Universe that you are ready for a change. Show yourself that changing something is not as scary as it seemed at first. Open to the unknown and wonderful world and give yourself the opportunity to gain invaluable experience. Gradually, you will learn to see many things from a different position and become more confident. Expanding our consciousness, pushing the boundaries, we become different, and life acquires new colors.

Remember what inspired you as a child

What delighted and admired in childhood or adolescence, gives incredible powers for creative transformations and overcomes all fears and doubts. Heroes of your favorite books, board games, fantasies, dreams, invented stories, children's drawings, attractions in the park - all this once made our hearts beat more often. We were open and gladly accepted everything new and interesting. Think about it and give yourself a push for inspiration.

Remembering childhood, our favorite activities, we fill our present with "live" ideas and actions. We start doing what we just like, without any conditions. If you loved to sew clothes for dolls, try to make something for yourself: let it be flower on dress or a bandage for hair. If you liked to invent poems, write what you feel in verse form. Experiment, let your creative energy out, and the tension will go away.

Feel like a child at least an hour a week: dance, build cute faces to the reflection in the mirror, sit on the windowsill and invent names for the passing clouds, sing good songs and life will be filled with joy!

Look at life around you

Life around consists of small miracles. Learn to be receptive, attentive, watch the world. Look at each flower as a work of art, talk to each person, seeing his soul in front of you, treat your home as a living being with care and love.

Walk more often and allow yourself during these walks to relax and return to yourself. Learn from of trees, butterflies and heaven be open! They do not hold on to their usual living conditions, but accept all changes with joy and gratitude.

Life changes every second. Do not be afraid of this, just trust the Supreme Wisdom and plunge into the flow of happy changes.. Enjoy the opportunity to see something new, to open unknown doors, to discover the unknown yourself.

Do not expect approval and support from others. Do not listen to the talk about how you have changed, stopped paying attention to them and began to think "only about yourself." These are attempts to bring you back to your familiar world, but the best thing you can do is to go your own way and be an example of wonderful, positive changes for others. Habitual routine existence is like a disease. To cure it, you will have to go through unpleasant moments, but after that you will feel something that will take your breath away. You will feel the ease, freedom, openness and willingness to change. Awake! Happy changes to you!

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