Hometown from the new side

How often do we dream of going to rest in hot countries in the middle of a working month, or at least just to go for a walk to another city. Are you sure that you know your city to the end and were in every corner of it? It is not always possible to leave homeland, but this is not a reason to despair, you can make a lot of interesting discoveries in your city.

For your walks, you can capture a gentleman or girlfriend, but if all your acquaintances are so mired in the routine, then go for a walk on your own, so also better, slowly examine all the selected places and in solitude think about important issues for you. Before the tour, prepare in advance and use our tips.

A call to the travel office

Many cities have a travel agency for excursions with visitors. Usually such excursions are held in one day, during which all the most interesting places in the city are covered. You can join the tourists or buy a tour specifically for themselves. You should not think that this tour will be of no interest to you, because you have already seen everything in your city. So what of this, you can look at many places in the city from a new side, or learn a lot of historical facts that have not been heard before.

Buying a guide book about your hometown

Almost all bookstores or printing stalls sell guides for tourists around the city. Having bought such a book, highlight the places that you have not been to or have been for a long time, figure out how to get there and start getting ready to go. Surely there are many interesting places not in the city itself, but in its surroundings, where you have not been. Take friends out for a tour, if you have a car, then fine, if not, get your way, just be sure to bring a map of the area.

Ask strangers

There is one very good way to learn a lot of new and interesting things about your city. Imagine that you are the first time in this place and you know nothing about it, the only thing that remains for you is to ask the passing people. Choose strangers who are intuitive to you, pretending to be in this city for the first time and ask them to advise which places are worthy of attention in this city. This method will give you not only a lot of impressions, but it is also quite possible that you will make new acquaintances. By the way, it is possible that any of the strangers will offer to join you in a walk around the city. Each person sees a place in which he lives with a special look and will tell about him from his point of view, and this is very interesting!

Favorite photo album

You are going on a tour of the city as a real tourist, which means you definitely need a camera. And comfortable clothes and a handbag in which do not forget to put a wallet, a bottle of water and a phone. You can start your photo tour right from your own home, gradually approaching the city center. Take pictures, everything that you find interesting on your way, then you will select the most beautiful pictures.. This could be a photo of some old house, a tree, architectural monuments, photos of cooing pigeons and a red cat that hunts for them or a photo of a couple in love who kisses in the park.

After such a walk, you can create album with photos of your city. This will be an excellent representation of their homeland in front of friends or relatives from other cities. During such a walk, you will be surprised to find that even in the simplest things you can notice something special and how exciting it is to just wander through the quiet streets of the city. Pay attention to the roofs of buildings and museums, they are often especially beautiful.

Create a travel program

Anyone, even the smallest city has its own website, which is created by lovers of their small homeland. There you can find information about upcoming events, as well as many interesting facts about your city and articles about its sights. Be sure to check out the city’s Internet forum, there are many citizen responses on various topics. There you can also find or ask: where is the most delicious pizza, what concerts are planned in the near future, how local attractions work, or maybe you are a fan of mystical places, then search the forum for like-minded people and go with them to search for the mysterious and unknown.

You can start your walk with a cup of aromatic coffee in a cozy coffee shop, then go to all the exhibitions and museums, then you can drop into the cafe and try, finally, a new kitchen or an exotic dish that you did not dare to taste before. You can finish your excursion day by watching a new movie at the cinema or get to the performance of a local group.

After such a walk, your life will be filled with bright colors, boredom and depression will disappear, and your hometown will open to you in a new unexpected light.

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