Hatha yoga for beginners

Hatha yoga is a type of yoga in general, it contains a set of poses that help concentration and meditation. The essence of hatha yoga is simply to take different poses in a certain sequence. Subsequently, a person knows his body, begins to feel it better, gets rid of fatigue and nervous tension.

Constant yoga classes make the body stronger, tighten muscles, adjust the figure.This is only if you are advised by a professional. Yoga can heal and cripple, if you trust a person without skills.

Hatha yoga also satisfies our intellectual hunger, in parallel with developing IQ. Are you surprised? And right! When practicing Hatha Yoga, a person sooner or later comes to the development of intelligence. Intellectual growth when you practice any kind of yoga is provided for you.

Creative abilities are also revealed.. The fact is that with sufficient loads the body begins to relax, oddly enough. It is gaining vital, moral and physical energy. This energy and spills into the thirst for creativity.

Who is Hatha Yoga for?

By and large, absolutely anyone can do yoga if he is healthy. For classes it is not necessary to be a Hindu or live in Tibet. Also, it is not necessary to refer to Eastern religions, Yoga does not belong to religion at all and on the other hand is perfect for all religions..

The most important rule for beginners is no serious contraindications or physical abnormalities. Yoga has never replaced medicine, so it’s better to go to a doctor with illnesses. By the way, before doing yoga, it is better to really check with an orthopedist. Your body should be physically ready for exercise. People with recent injuries are better off postponing their classes.

What is necessary for practicing Hatha yoga?

  • The first thing that is needed is a good teacher, a proven specialist, with experience and various awards. The fact is that not all yoga poses can be completely painless. At the first introductory stage, you can inadvertently stretch something, damage or pinch it, and this does not pass without consequences. And you should not trust uneducated people.
  • Next, get a rug. Absolutely ordinary travel mat fit. In ancient yogic treatises, it is advised to use a kusha grass mat, in our opinion, reed. But this is only because in ancient times there were no sports accessories. It is better to choose a rug that does not slide much, for the convenience of performing some poses.
  • The next “lot” is clothes. Ancient yogis wore only a loincloth, and we have the opportunity to dress more comfortably. Choose what is convenient for you, that's all.
  • Do not do yoga on an empty stomachand immediately after eating. This is a standard rule for general exercise. It should take at least 2 hours after a meal, before you start to engage.

Hatha yoga: contraindications

Hatha yoga is better not to engage people:

  • Pregnant. For girls, there are special groups for pregnant women. It’s better not to sign up for regular classes.
  • In connection with the legislation, yoga centers do not accept those who are younger than 18 years and older than 45. The second category may be engaged in the presence of a good body condition.

There are some specific diseases for which yoga is contraindicated:

  • Hypertension with a constant upper pressure of over 145
  • Heart disease
  • Acute forms of gastritis and ulcer
  • Cholelithiasis
  • Gynecological inflammation
  • Crayfish
  • Bone and cartilage weakness

Do not forget to also warn the teacher if you have:

  • High blood pressure
  • Scoliosis of more than 1 degree
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Nephroptosis
  • Weak wrists
  • Frequent migraines and dizziness

If you are a beginner and consciously want to do yoga, you should like it. Yoga is not only for those who want to know themselves and this world. Yoga is a great hobby for those who would like to correct their figure without any physical exertion. There are people who do not like to run or go to the gym because of loud music, noise and heavy exhausting workouts. Yoga has been created for them. Yoga is a practice that can later be done at home. By the way, someone likes yoga so much that she does it daily. And it is not harmful at all. About the principles and benefits of Hatha Yoga, read the article Hatha Yoga.

Over time, comes the realization that you want to practice yoga all the time. And you unwittingly start to do it, without attaching special importance to it. You just do what you like. And our life should consist of such moments. We always strive for comfort and stability. Hatha yoga can give you this and many more positive ideas, the main thing is to start!

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