Harmonious woman - what is she

Know yourself

The modern woman is defenseless. An ignorant society, a loss of family value, a culture of relations between a man and a woman, a loss of true knowledge, a lack of understanding by people of their nature led to a woman who had been kept for centuries and protected, valued and respected, turned into attendants - for man, children, society as a whole.

Low self-esteem of women; her desire to be good for others, and if she does not succeed and no one appreciates, then she is a bitch for everyone; constant overload, stress; the development of masculine qualities and the neglect of feminine nature is only an incomplete list of the consequences of asexual upbringing of children in society.

What is she - a harmonious woman?

  • She is RELAXED and FULL of energy, healthy and beautiful. Her movements are smooth, her energy flows freely throughout her body. She knows what gives her energy, she knows the sources of love, and she is constantly filled. Such a woman is friends with her intuition, she is in harmony with herself, and she can easily hear the voice of her soul, which helps her to tread the path to happiness.
  • She is SURE that there will always be someone who wants to take care of her.. And even if she is alone at the moment, she knows that when she goes to the site, to the street, to come to work or to go somewhere on a trip, she will definitely meet someone to turn to for help, who will be happy to be useful. for her, help her, take care of her. Just. She knows how to take help, and she knows well that if a man was driving her to a cafe, it does not mean that she should go to bed with him. She knows that he has already received his portion of pleasure and masculinity, that his wooing and care for a woman has already brought him his dividends, and their score is equal.
  • She builds relationships based on love.When a woman loves herself, it is easy for her to build relationships with other people, because she already has experience how to do this with herself. She knows what another person needs because she learned to know herself.

  • She is able to give and receive.A harmonious woman feels how to keep a “give-receive” balance, and she not only gives her lover all that she has, but also allows him to serve her. For this, she has a whole arsenal - requests, heart-to-heart talks, tears, stories about herself, her sensitivity, a smile, a burning look, a tender word and much more.

A harmonious woman is a constant student who never gets tired of learning and developing her feminine nature!She knows that only those who work on themselves every day can receive the fruits!

We wish you harmony and patience in revealing your true essence!

Prepared based on the site 1reikiveda.ru