Handwriting and human character

You have just met a man and want to know more about him? Or do you want to reveal new features of your loved one? This will help the handwriting, or rather the science graphology, i.e. the study of handwriting, his study with the aim of studying the distinctive features of the writer. Experienced graphologists can, once looking at the handwriting, say a lot about a person, call his negative and positive qualities of character. Moreover, the information is almost always reliable. By handwriting can determine not only the nature of a person, but also his health, moral level, addiction, past events. This graphology is very tempting and useful!

Some may ask, but what there is a connection between the hand and character of a person? It's very simple: when we write, our hand is controlled by the brain, and the result that appears on paper is the result of the work between the brain and the reflex of the muscles of the hand. If we think calmly, then the muscle is twitching as well, if on the contrary it is irritated, then the muscle is twitching differently, therefore, the handwriting is different. So, be careful when leaving your notes somewhere, handwriting is a kind of detector, by which you can learn all the secrets!

Handwriting and human character

How to start the analysis of human handwriting?

Imagine that someone’s handwriting sample has already come into your hands. Which one impression does what is written on you? For example, neat is handwriting or sloppy, the letters seem to be in a hurry or, on the contrary, very carefully and clearly drawn. The same can be said about man.

There is a small secret, which, by the way, is known to few. Very important is letter pressure. It is this factor that says a lot about communication. handwriting and human character. You can see the pressure from the outside, but it is better to turn the sheet and look at it from the back. Ideally, it is better to check when a person is writing on a soft surface. Turn the paper over and examine it carefully. If all the letters are written with a clear strong pressure, then this is an active, purposeful person, who is largely successful. If he lights up with something, he does not throw it halfway through. A good indicator and average pressure, such people are also very energetic and do not hover in the clouds. But if the pressure is quite weak, then this is clearly a person indecisive and timid.

How to determine the character of a person by handwriting?

  • Take a look at handwriting size. Large sweeping letters speak about sociability of a person, about his contact and openness. Small handwriting on the contrary symbolizes isolation and unsociability, which usually characterizes introverts.
  • Soft round letters give people of soft, kind, they are unforgiving and always ready to come to the rescue. But all the sharp edges in the handwriting hide the pitfalls in the character - selfishness, unwillingness to compromise, irritability.

How to determine the character of a person by handwriting?

  • If the letters are too pale, then this indicates a weak will, here, of course, you should not confuse it with a touch of a pen.
  • Even an optimist and a pessimist can be defined by handwriting.. The first line will go up from the beginning to the end, and the second will crawl down. Straight lines are inherent in individuals more calm, reasonable, looking at life soberly and without rose-colored glasses. If the irregularity of the lines is striking, then it gives the cunning and those who are not afraid of remorse.
  • Even, almost perfect handwriting often speaks about compulsion and accuracy, but at the same time such a person is accustomed to living according to the rules and is afraid to do something himself. Sweeping letters are found in cheerful, active and inquisitive people. The illegibility of the letters indicates energy, carelessness and nervousness.
  • Faithful good indicator a developed intuition is the poor tightness of the letters among themselves, and if the letters on the contrary are clearly connected in a word, then this indicates good logical thinking.

How to determine the nature of men in handwriting?

If you are watching handwriting of a potential or real groom, then pay attention to whether there are different hooks and knots in the words. The owners of these signs always hold tight not only for their work, idea, but also for their partner. Therefore, think carefully before you develop relationships with such a person, so simply he will not lag behind you. But if you are trying to see in your fiancé loyalty, the desire for family and home comfort, pay attention to how pronounced the angularity of the letters in his words. If she is strong, then for a strong serious relationship such a man just does not fit. Yes, these are active, ambitious, independent and passionate people, but freedom is definitely more important for them than family.

How to determine the nature of men in handwriting?

Lovely men who lure all charming female faces into their networks, it’s easy to recognize a large ornate handwriting, in their words you will surely find squiggles, expressive points, commas and other signs. These are polite, artistic, attractive, fascinating and able to compliment nature. But, unfortunately, in this life, their beautiful manners - often just dust in their eyes.

Light pressure gives out sensitive people. They are extremely susceptible to what is happening around. And if the letters are generally derived in the style of the last century, then it speaks of such traits as reverie, romance and naivety. When it comes to intimacy, such men become very indecisive and shy.

If a each person has very different handwriting, then it indicates his sensitivity and creativity.

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Handwriting and human character- two interconnected things and, if new traits are acquired in character or others are lost, it will certainly affect the handwriting. And in general it is difficult to find a person who would have the same handwriting throughout his life. Analyzing someone's handwriting, consider also that incompatible, at first glance, signs can be combined in one person or overlap each other, so the conclusion should be made not on a separate basis, but on their entirety!

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