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Previously, there was an opinion that the one who keeps a diary every day making there his notes and painting them with some kind of pictures are children. Perhaps this is true, but depending on which diary you keep. And looking for what and for whom. I want to tell you what is useful to keep a diary and how it can change your life!

There are various diaries: a school diary, a daily diary, a diary of observations of stars, a diary of life. All of them were not just invented and successfully used for a very long time. Today we will talk about the diary of life.

This is a regular notebook or album where you record all the most important thing for you that happened during the day. Or just your thoughts, reasoning, experiences. You can draw pictures there, write poems there and generally do anything there. After all, this is YOUR small world in which you are the master. You create it for Yourself.

What's the point?

It would seem, how can a simple description of events be useful?

This question can be asked when you are not looking into the depths. Everything is not so easy;)

In fact, there is a lot of benefit from such a diary:

  1. First of all, you pour out your emotions and experiences. You share with someone, with yourself. You experience them again while writing. This is useful if you are experiencing strongly on some issue ... and they wrote it in a diary - they once again wept heartily and it becomes easier at once! (This method of "fading emotions" is used by psychologists. As the saying goes, "Tell the whole world and you feel better ! ". Tell the diary and no one will know;) Especially the diary will be useful for introverts-people who are experiencing everything inside themselves and do not tell anyone anything, because they will let them throw everything out of themselves without communicating with anyone.
  2. He replaces your best friend. Yes, it is terrible if there is no one to talk to, or when your friend is busy or far away and he is not in touch at the moment when you are sad. And unlike the Friend, the diary certainly will never tell anyone anything. Everything will remain only between you. But at the same time, sadness will pass after this sincere conversation with oneself.
  3. Diary allows you to structure and learn to control your thoughts. Have you ever thought that a million thoughts pass through you, and you don’t even notice it? Try to sit down right now and write whatever you think. Write until your thoughts run out ... and then read ... and you will be terrified of all this chaos that is happening in your head. And if we do not see it. Maybe this particular chaos is the answer to the question: why is something so hard in life? In any case, the skill of controlling your thoughts is a very serious skill for spiritual development, and it turns out that all you need is just to keep a diary.
  4. After a while, after bright events, you will be able to return to them. And analyze. Perhaps you reconsider the attitude to the situation, thanks to the records you will see yourself from the outside and understand your mistakes. And so that the situations do not recur (karmic), you just need to do a good job of making mistakes. That is what the diary allows, as an archive of your life. After all the main thing is not an event, but an attitude to him. Changing attitude, you change your destiny.
  5. The diary is the best listener. He will listen to you carefully and will never judge you or give an estimate. He has as much free time as you need to express all that has accumulated. And if something has accumulated aggressive, then he will never answer you the same. And instead of breaking out and putting it all out on others, you can pour it all onto paper, and then burn it and everything bad will go away. And share your joy with your friend! And the most important thing is not to pay anyone (the psychotherapist, for example) for listening to you.
  6. He can complain endlessly about life J ... Maybe over time you will find such a habit. But, thank God, except for the diary no one else will know about it;)
  7. Confidentiality is the main feature of the diary. All information will be available only to you. But there are cases when one of the relatives accidentally finds your diary and ... For this to happen, purchase a diary with a key. Or put a password on the folder with your diary entries. Or simply after the diary has completed its mission, you can burn it (or tear out and burn only those pages where there were bad memories and leave the good ones).
  8. If you make a diary of Joy, then every time you feel bad, you can open it and dive again in the happy moments of your life, which will make it very easy to return your peace of mind and good mood!
  9. Sometimes some diary entries become beautiful works of art, such as a love story ...! And then, such a record can already be shared with the whole world! And all the readers will empathize with you, and most importantly: they will be based on real events and real feelings, and there is no price for such works!

Well, you already have a diary? Or still sitting and thinking?

Especially for - Mercury

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