From omnivorous to the sun

In the life of everyone once, a moment comes when suddenly a person begins to think about his diet. Some begin to go in for diets from being overweight, others from severe illness are forced to completely change their diet. Still others are just experimenting! Or you have to change the diet due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. And someone does it by virtue of religion, observing various posts (by the way, they are not just invented and very useful even to non-believers). And it seems that this moment in your life has come, no matter under what circumstances, but now you are here!

Stages of nutrition.

It is conditionally possible to separate the stages of the evolution of nutrition, denoting the path of a soft transition from omnivorous to nourishing with prana, energy in its pure form, when you no longer depend on food at all. Why do you need it and to whom? You need this if you realize that you are a Soul, not a body, and finally decided to take up your spiritual development. You will never believe, but it begins with food. After all, we are what we eat.

  1. Omnivorous.

Today, 99% of people are omnivores, they eat anything and when they hit, not thinking about it and not attaching great importance to it. You say, "So what? What's wrong with that?" Imagine that you have a lot of money, and how will you spend it? Who got and what got? Sprawl, not counting? Of course you can, so if their infinity, and if you have only $ 1,000 for life? Sure, you'll count every penny. So our money is our Health. And why do we spend it as if we live endlessly, without thinking about our future?

  1. Separate meals.

Professor Zhdanov tells very popularly about this diet. There are three groups of foods - Proteins, Live foods and Carbohydrates. The first group includes: soybeans, mushrooms, legumes, eggplants, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs. The second group includes: live foods: fruits, potatoes, fresh juices, berries, fruits, dried fruits; as well as fats. The third group includes: bread, sugar (all with sugar: jam, tea, coffee, compotes, sweets), cereals, honey. For digestion, assimilation and splitting of food from the first group in the gastrointestinal tract formed an acidic environment, and the third group - alkaline. They neutralize each other, if you interfere with the products of these two groups, the stomach is in a panic what to do, which group to digest and the environment to form. As a result, nothing is absorbed, and the stomach is loaded and all the energy from food goes only to this work of the stomach itself. All undigested food is stored in our body up to 15 years in the form of slags. Proceeding from this, it is categorically harmful to combine proteins and carbohydrates in one meal. It is better to use it in turn. But the products from the second group are very easily digested in any environment and contribute to a better breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates, so you can eat them with any other group of products. Thus, try not to eat meat with buckwheat, fish with rice, sausage with bread, nuts with honey, scrambled eggs with bread and so on. Try to adhere to this rule and then you will understand how easy it will be for you after eating and feel the difference. And at least, eating separately, you will no longer slag your body. Compared to the transition to vegetarianism, this is a very easy stage.

1. Vegetarianism

The principle of this type of food, when a person realizes that he does not need to kill others in order to survive. Having been at least once in your life at the slaughterhouse, you have once and for all lost the desire for meat. Also, vegetarians do not eat poultry and fish eggs. In addition to humanity, there are many more reasons why people refuse meat. It is poorly absorbed, through it karmic nodules are transmitted from our relatives to us, it makes the tissue less elastic. When an animal is killed, it feels the fear of death, shock, and the whole blood is permeated with these emotions (you know that water is capable of transmitting information), and when we eat this meat, those very death-long fears are laid in us. From my own experience I’ll say that I spent two months without meat and “twirled” thoughts went away when you sit and blow an elephant out of a fly like everything is bad, while in reality it’s just a game of sick imagination and everything is good! When after I began to eat fish, everything began to return. Therefore, I clearly noticed this influence. The most important thing is that if you decide to become a vegetarian, then firstly, you should not deny meat as something bad and disgusting. Because if you deny it, it means that you actually want it inside, you continue to desire to eat it. It is important that you cease to depend on it. Those. you can eat it, but you can not eat it as you wish. And you will not be caught up in it and perceived that without meat you deprive yourself of pleasure. Too expensive is a pleasure for our lives. Secondly, you must reach a certain level of spiritual development before you stop eating meat. This desire should come from the heart and soul, and not from the mind, which is so fashionable that you train willpower, etc. When you are Ready, no effort will be used to discard meat. It will happen Consciously. Well, if you decide for the company or just try it, then believe me, besides the torment, vegetarianism will not bring you any benefit.

2. Raw foods

Another trendy trend appeared under the name of "raw food". The bottom line is that there is no thermally processed food in nature, it was people who thought up to heat everything up and cook on a fire. And the value of the product for the body is significantly reduced after the food has been cooked, fried, baked and so on. Scientists compared the composition of an apple that was boiled and a raw apple. Yes, it turned out to be the same at first glance, But it turned out that there are no so-called "enzymes" in the boiled apple. It is energy and information that tells the body how to digest and assimilate this apple. It is a poet that boiled food is digested longer than raw. So what do you say again? Let the stomach work instead of 15 minutes two hours. You supposedly do not care and you do not notice. But what about the feeling that after a meal you want to relax? And try to jump and run after a meal. Will it work out? Or will there be bad feelings?

Take again the example of the limitations of our lives. What do you want to spend it on? Do you live for the body or does it live for you?

There is also a mono-raw food diet. It consists in the fact that for one meal there is one type of product. Those. eat apples, and pears can be eaten only after 15-30 minutes. No salads and other mixing products. This contributes to an even faster and easier assimilation of the energy value of food.

3. Solar science

Meals prana, energy of life and complete independence from food. There is a transitional moment when a person eats microelements, and then water, and only then does he completely stop eating because he has learned to get energy for life straight from the sun.

In conclusion, I want to say that the main thing is not what you eat, but how! Chewing food thoroughly will help you digest any food and get maximum energy from it.

If all these stages of nutrition are alien to you, then just learn how to properly eat the food that you love. And if you decide to move to another stage, then read to start with the article "how to carry out the transitions in the stages of nutrition", which will help you not only to proceed neatly and in a timely manner, but also without any unpleasant consequences.

Remember, we are what we eat! And if we eat solar energy, then turn into the sun!

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