"forgive me. i love you" - the most important words for

To be a man is to feel that you are responsible for everything. Burn with shame for poverty, even though it seems to exist through no fault of yours. To be proud of the victory won by the comrades. And to know that, laying stone, you help to build the world.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What do you think it means to be responsible for your life? Often we understand this as the realization that today's thoughts, words and actions determine our future. By accepting responsibility for our own lives, we stop blaming others for our problems, and begin to look for their causes within ourselves. But we can answer only for ourselves and in no way - for what someone else thinks and does, because we are not, but he creates his life.

The healing technique, created by Hawaiian Dr. Hugh Len and described in Joe Vitale's Life Without Limits, gives us a different, broader understanding of responsibility. I want to introduce you to this amazing technique, and if you heard about it before, just remind you of it.

What does it mean to take responsibility?

In fact, you are responsible for what each person says and creates in your life. You create your world. This means that everything you see around, hear, taste, touch, is your creation. A quarrel of passers-by, a natural disaster, a crisis in the system of governing a country — everything exists as your projection. The problem is not in them, but in you, and in order to change them, you need to change yourself. You are responsible for every event that takes place in your life, for the sole reason that it is your life, which means that it was created by you. How do you approach this? Of course, it is not easy to accept and it is easier not to think about it. But if you really strive to improve your life, you need to take responsibility for everyone and everyone who is present in it.

Look inside yourself and do it with love.

Listen to how Dr. Len treated others. He simply read the diagnosis of the person, completely without seeing him, and then looked inside himself and tried to see how he had created this disease. His method of healing was to repeat the phrase: "Forgive me. I love you." The doctor repeated these words constantly not for someone, but for himself, and as he worked on himself, patients began to recover. He simply treated himself with love, he learned to love those parts that created the diseases of others. This method is called the interesting word “ho’oponopono”. It means "do better," or "correct a mistake." Ho'oponopono releases the energy of negative thoughts, illusions, delusions that lead to diseases, imbalance. This is a problem-solving method that works within the person himself, and is to love yourself.

“Forgive me, I love you” - these simple words will tell you that the whole world is in one place - in yourself. Look inside yourself and do it with love. Loving yourself is the best way to improve your life, and that means transforming the world around you. Love for yourself is the best gift you can give to the Universe.

How to work with a method?

Watch your feelings. When in any situation you get a negative emotional response to someone’s word or behavior (even to your own), say to yourself: “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” It doesn't matter to whom you speak by uttering these words. You say them for yourself, for your divine, higher "I". You make yourself aware that you regret the problem that arose, which originated in the depths of your subconscious, embodied in the outside world and became a common problem. You ask for forgiveness from yourself. Say them as many times as you need.

Then say the following phrase: "I love you. I thank you." She will erase the negative memory. Remember, we share the memory with the people around us. If you do not like something in a person, then it is inherent in you. The main task is to get rid of this quality, and when there is a deliverance, the other person is also freed from his eyes. "I love you. I thank you." This means I create my reality. The problems of the world are my problems. I look at them through the prism of self-love, and they leave.

"Forgive me, I love you"

This is the amazing method of forgiveness and love you can use in your life. Feel the personal responsibility for all that is in your world. Improving yourself and taking responsibility, you change your life around, you take a very important step towards yourself and towards the love that is in you. If something bothers you, say the most important words: "Forgive me. I love you." Awaken the spirit of love in yourself. Heal within yourself what the outside world created. Look deep into yourself! And do it with love.

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