Female slavic names and their meaning

A name is what is given to a person for the rest of his life. It determines the fate of man and his character.

Now parents prefer to give their children newfangled names that they heard on TV or read in books, especially without thinking about them. meaning. In the old days, before naming a child one way or another, the meaning of the intended name was carefully studied, considering that the name is able to instill in the child some character traits.

What female names are considered Slavic?

Those the names that we used to think of as native Russian, Slavic, such, in fact, are not. For example, Marya, Ivan, Peter, Yevsey, Semyon, Gleb, Mikhail, Ilya, Maria, Alena, Sophia, Margarita, Anna, Elena, Marina. None of these names has original Slavic origin. These names were borrowed from the Jewish people.

Female Slavic names and their meaning

True Slavic names always consist of two words.. For example, Lyudmila is nice to people. In addition, the Slavs had taken the name of children in two names. One name was reported to everyone who had any relation to the family with the newborn. The second name was secret, and it was not reported to anyone. It was believed that in this way it is possible to protect the child from any evil directed towards him.

The meaning of female Slavic names

Among the Slavs, any name was endowed with meaning. And each name necessarily meant something.

  • Azorina - the beauty and beauty of dawn.
  • Ales - girl, assistant.
  • Bazhena - the female version of the name Bazhen, a desirable child.
  • Belogor - enlightened, bright.
  • Beloslav - white, praise.
  • Berislav - the female version of the name Berislav, taking fame, caring for fame.
  • Blessing - glorifying kindness, good.
  • Bogdana is the female version of the name Bogdan, God-given child.
  • Bogomila - dear to God.
  • Bozhidar - a gift from God.
  • Boleslav - the female version of the name Boleslav, glorifying the forest Gods.
  • Borislav - the female version of the name Borislav, a fighter for glory.
  • Boyana - the narrator, the narrator.
  • Bratislava - fight and praise.
  • Bronislav - female version of the name Bronislav, famous, famous warrior.
  • Velimira is a big world.
  • Velislav - great fame, the most glorious.
  • Vedana (Vedeney, Vedeni) - knowing, knowing.
  • Vedislav - glorifying knowledge.
  • Velizhana - polite, pacified their feelings.
  • Velizara - many-illuminated, enlightened, enlightened.
  • Wenceslaus - dedicated to glory, crowned with glory.
  • Vlada - long-haired.
  • Vojislav is a glorious warrior.
  • Vsemila - beloved by all, dear to all people.
  • Vseslav - all-glorious, very famous, popular.
  • Faith is faith, faithful.
  • Veselina (Vesela) - the female version of the name Veselin, cheerful, cheerful.
  • Vladimir - the female version of the name of Vladimir, owning the world.
  • Vladislav - the female version of the name Vladislav, owning fame, having fame.

Female Slavic names and their meaning

  • Vojislav - the female version of the name Vojislav, truly glorious.
  • Omniscient - omniscient, omniscient.
  • Golub is meek.
  • Gorislava - burning in glory.
  • Gradislava - guarding glory.
  • Granislava - improving fame.
  • Darren - a gift, a gift.
  • Deyana - hardworking, active.
  • Dobromila - good, honey.
  • Dobroslav - glorifying kindness.
  • Dragomira is more precious than peace, precious.
  • Dzvenislava - praised.
  • Dobrovlada - owning kindness.
  • Dobrogor - glorifying kindness.
  • Dobrobyuba - loving kindness, kindness and kindness.
  • Danika is a morning star.
  • Waiting - welcome, welcome.
  • Livestock - priestess are alive.
  • Zaryana - the beauty of dawn.
  • Zvenislav - proclaiming glory.
  • Gold flowers - gold.
  • Zora - the ray of dawn.
  • Spark - bright, honest, sincere.
  • Krasimira is the beauty of the world.
  • Lada - the goddess of love and beauty.
  • Lubomira - loving the whole world.
  • Malusha - younger, small.
  • Mlada is the youngest.
  • Mstislav - glorifying revenge.
  • Nekras is ugly.
  • Ogneslava - glorifying Fire.
  • Ogneyara - the female version of the name Ogneyar, the merging of two elements, the solar flame.

Female Slavic names and their meaning

  • Before the glory (Predslava) - preceding glory.
  • Peresvet - female version of the name Peresvet, very bright.
  • Radimir - protecting the world.
  • Radislava - caring for fame.
  • Radomira - protecting the world, caring for the world.
  • Joy is joy, happiness.
  • Rusalina - mermaid, blond.
  • Svetislav - glorifying light, glorious, bright.
  • Svetlozara - illuminating everything around with light.
  • Svyatoslav - holy glory.
  • Stanimira - establishing peace, peacemaker.
  • Tikhomira - calm, peaceful, quiet.
  • Blackhead - having dark hair, dark.
  • Caslav (Cheslav) - the female version of the name Caslav.
  • Pike is the personified name of the animal world. Earthly incarnation of ROD.
  • Yaromila - dear Yarile (the Sun).
  • Yaroslav - the female version of the name Yaroslav glorifying the sun.
  • Janika is a river.

Not all names are harmonious to our ears. However, many of them have not lost their charm and native Russian beauty. Currently, only 5% of parents call their children ancient slavic names, all others prefer modern names. Think you might also like to name your future baby a true Slavic name? Indeed, in the names of these laid such a deep meaning!

Good luck to you all!

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