Feed the birds - do good

Look around!

You will see how much

Need to do for the world.

/ Sri Chinmoy /

Earth gives us a home, bestows its fruits. Due to this we can live, love, develop. How can we say thanks to her? By your good deeds, by caring for our common home and the living beings that surround us. From school, we were taught to feed the birds, especially in the cold season, when, apart from people, there was no one to help them. We all know that. But kindness lives only when it is manifested. In deeds, deeds, attention.

What is humanity?

Humanity is born and develops through caring for everyone who is close by, service and kindness. You can talk a lot about love for all living beings, for our common home. And that's great! But words must turn into actions. After all It costs us nothing to take some bread, go out to the park and feed the pigeons or build a birdhouse with the whole family and hang it on a tree near the house. And for birds it’s an opportunity to live on our big planet..

It is interesting to watch the birds that fly to the house at dawn, sit on the windowsill and start twittering, telling about their presence. Tits, sparrows, swallows, pigeons ... Even in summer, birds cannot always feed themselves and raise their chicks, and in winter and spring, when nature has not yet awakened, they have a very difficult time.

Orthodox priests say that birds are our connection to those who are no longer around. Therefore, we can commemorate them when we feed the birds, remember and wish for grace. This is the little that we can do not for ourselves, but for the outside world.

What to feed the birds?

In winter, birds remaining for wintering are especially needed complementary foods, since almost all natural forage available is covered with snow. And many birds die. But even if you didn’t feed the birds during the winter, now in April you can greatly help those who survived and those who returned from warm lands ahead of time.

Right now the birds are the hardest of all: they are tired of the winter cold, they have less and less energy, and there is no available feed yet.

What can feed the birds?

Sunflower seeds

Almost all birds will eat (especially pigeons, tits, nuthatins)

Pumpkin seeds, melons

Almost all birds will eat (except titmouse and nuthatch)

Grass seeds (quinoa, horse sorrel, wormwood)

Almost all birds will eat


Orobi, tits, oatmeal

Millet and Millet

There will be sparrows, oatmeal, finches, finches

Rowan berries

Bullfinches, waxwings, mountainbirds, will eat

Unsalted lard on a string

There will be tits, nibbles, woodpeckers

Berries and fruits of plants (apples, pears)

Almost all birds will eat, especially starlings love

How to make a feeder?

Feeders do not have to be made from wooden plates; plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and other dense materials are suitable for this purpose. Just do not use metal boxes - they may freeze the legs of birds, if there is a frost. It is very good to teach children to do good, to actively involve the child in the work of making feeders. A great lesson for the development of the child is to make the feeder a gift to the grandparents.

Making a place to feed the birds is half the battle. It is important to pour food there every day. Such a regular practice of kindness allows not only to benefit and help the birds, but also provides an opportunity to stop, take a rest, communicate with nature, observe the wonderful world that surrounds us.

Feed the birds! Do good! Take care of our common home, protect it, give thanks and share your attention and warmth! Be human!

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