Drawing mandalas

Mandala, a sacred symbol in the form of a circle, is now increasingly used in psychotherapy and methods of personal development. The practitioners of creating and contemplating the mandala help to learn how to concentrate, meditate, direct attention inward and treat psychological problems.

The value of the mandala

Psychoanalyst K. Jung interpreted the mandala as a physical projection of the mental world.

Jung noted that in difficult periods of life, our unconscious urges us to either see such circles in a dream or spontaneously draw them. The power of the mandala lies in its protective abilities: it protects the spirit from scattering and helps reconcile different parts of our personality with each other. Thanks to the mandala therapy, we see the way to the center of ourselves and restore our integrity.

How to draw a mandala?

Creating a mandala by drawing, weaving, embroidering or in other ways brings us to a meditative state and increases susceptibility to the messages of our higher "I". Drawing a mandala is easy. To do this, you need colored pencils, felt-tip pens, crayons or paints. The following layouts mandalas must be printed on paper.

Take a few deep slow breaths and exhale, close your eyes and immerse yourself. Talk to your inner self, listen to the breath, relax.

Mandala of needs

Try to step back a little and watch the thoughts that float in the mind. Focus on the words that have surfaced in your head.

Look at the first mandala - the mandala of needs and ask yourself: "What do I need now to make my life better?" Choose one pencil of any color and color those parts of the first mandala that you want. When you finish drawing, look at the resulting drawing and write down the first three words that came to your consciousness.

Obstacle mandala

Now refer to the second mandala - the obstacle mandala. In the central circle of this mandala, draw any geometric shape. Ask yourself: "What is stopping me from achieving internal self-realization?"

Color the quadrilaterals, moving from the outer edge of the mandala to its inner structure, using colored pencils. Look at your work and think what this picture reminds you of. Record the three answers that came to mind first.

Mandala paths

Go to the third mandala - the mandala path. Look at her carefully and ask yourself: "Which way should I go to come to myself?"

Take a pencil of the color that you like more than others, and using it, go through the labyrinth of the mandala, heading towards the center. What does the chosen road remind you of? Write down the three words that you think best define this path.

Mandala of merits

Work with the fourth mandala - the virtue mandala. Ask yourself the question: "What are my three main virtues?". Write them on paper. Take a separate color pencil for each of these virtues and write the words in the mandala, coloring those areas that your inner voice will tell you.

Look through all the words that you wrote next to the mandalas, look at them. Ask yourself: "Who am I? Who am I really? What was I originally?". Focus on these questions and color the fourth mandala completely.

The effect of working with the mandala

Mandala works effectively if it is created by man himself. Creating a mandala, you are involved in making changes in your own life. Choosing colors and words when making a mandala, you endow it with the effect you want to develop in your life. Therefore, every time a problem arises in your life that gives you the opportunity to see something new in yourself and complete a specific task, you can do the corresponding mandala.

Explore yourself, draw mandalas, release your inner creative energy, enter a state of meditation. Thus, you can better understand yourself, see the hidden reasons for your actions and get rid of deep psychological problems..

In working on yourself, you can also use ready-made healing mandalas, simply by meditating on them and gradually plunging inward. Read more about mandala therapy in the article Mandala therapy for soul healing.

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