Does man have fate

Surely everyone at least once in his life wondered about the existence of fate. This question worried even ancient philosophers. However, the answer so far has not been found. Many make various assumptions. But there are a lot of them, and apart from accepting one or another point of view on faith, we cannot do anything. Some believe that there is fate, and a person is not able to decide anything himself, he lives as if by a script. Others hold the view that only man is the creator of his destiny.

Does the person have a fate: fatalism

Fatalism - one of the extremes when considering issues of fate. Fatalists sincerely believe that fate exists, and that absolutely everything is predetermined in their lives. They believe that they are not able to change anything in their lives. Moreover, even if there are some changes in their lives, they believe that it still does not depend on them at all. Such a person is sure that absolutely nothing can be changed in this world, it is impossible to make it better. Therefore, he lives his life by drifting.

With the help of his fatalistic views, a person can justify any crime, evil, offense. At the exit, we get absolutely socially unsuitable person. After all, this person will not be able to solve his problems (more precisely, he will not even try), will not set himself any goals. Such a person discovers a complete personal, mental and social degradation.

Does man's fate: the opposite view

This position is stronger than fatalism. These people are sure that there is no destiny, that only they themselves are able to decide everything and it depends on them exactly how they will live their lives. Of course, it’s good that a person controls himself, tries to make his life better, makes plans and successfully implements them.

This point of view is inherent in people with high self-esteem, those who are accustomed to consider their opinion the only correct and important, people who have pride and vanity.

However, not everything is as rosy as it seems at first glance, because the phenomenon of fate has not yet been studied, which means that no one is immune from its sudden blows. And such people are subject to shock and disappointment. After all, they are not cautious and do not think that something can go wrong, as they wanted. Representatives of this point of view on the existence of fate very often fall from heaven to earth and fill many cones.

Several options for fate

The intermediate position is taken by the point of view, indicating that fate is there, but do not take it literally and go with the flow. That is, fate does not imply one particular development of events. She always gives a person several options from which he is free to choose.

People who adhere to this point of view have much more chances to influence their fate somehow. After all, they will know that in many situations you can simply go back a few steps and try to make another choice.

Such a person does not experience the influence of extremes. He does not believe that absolutely everything is predetermined, but he does not believe that everything happens according to his orders, and the world revolves around his person. Such people are usually easier to tolerate frustration and easier to relate to life. Believing in fate, such people assume that nothing happens by chance. For every consequence there is a reason.

To argue about whether a person has a destiny or not is meaningless. After all, no one has yet been able to prove or disprove its existence. It is possible that you just have to decide for yourself. To make your own choice!

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