Disability is not a sentence

Disability. How often this word turns the familiar life upside down. In many cases, the word “disability”, but not the physical condition of the body, makes people fall into depression and lower their hands. Being in a wheelchair, you can and should continue to live fully, meeting every new day with a smile.

A concrete example is always more than a thousand words. As a proof, we offer you to meet a person who does not complain about fate, and in a wheelchair was able to achieve great heights (both in the direct and figurative sense).

Disability: no discounts on fate

Kuryanin Igor Ushakov is 33 years old. From the age of 18 he travels with the help of a wheelchair. To say that it was hard is to say nothing. Pain, despair, fear overwhelmed the guy. But he found the strength to overcome the disease and return to a full life.

Worldwide fame for this young man brought the ascent to the highest peak of North America - McKinley Peak. At one time, few believed in the implementation of this undertaking. But why trust someone, if Igor himself was sure firmly - everything will work out!

Everything turned out, but not immediately. When the guy came from Kursk to Moscow to show himself, the organizers of the ascent refused to him - he did not fit physically, the body could not cope with the heaviest loads. "Cope," - said Igor, and began to act. Winter has passed in the daily physical training. When Igor arrived for the second time in the spring, he was unrecognizable, and the composition of the extreme expedition headed by famous traveler Matvey Shparo was added to one more hero.

This climb was very dangerous. The total number of dead people trying to conquer the mountain is close to a hundred, half of them death occurred during the descent. The causes of deaths are different - falling, hypothermia. It is not without reason that there is a saying among climbers: "If you are upset and depressed by failure, if you have not conquered the summit - fear the descent, if you are happy, you are the winner - fear the descent even more."

After conquering the summit, the heroes received a mass of congratulations. People around the world sincerely admired the act of Igor, a young man in a wheelchair.

Igor Ushakov - a member of the unique extreme expedition of disabled people "Kamchatka 2006", in which he once again tested his strength and nerves. Rafting down the rugged mountain rivers of Kamchatka on inflatable rafts is far from everyone.

The problems of people with disabilities are known to Igor firsthand. Lack of work, loneliness, life within the apartment. In his example, Igor daily proves that one can cope with each of these problems. He graduated from university, got a job, got a driver's license. By the way, the guy does not use the elevator - he rises the floors in a wheelchair. For him there are no barriers.

- People with disabilities can live a full life, and they should, - says Ushakov, but, unfortunately, this issue is not given enough attention. Therefore, you have to constantly remind about yourself. If one door is closed, you need to knock on the other. Human capabilities are truly unlimited.

Igor is the initiator and participant of the well-known run of the disabled “The Power of the Russian Spirit”, the purpose of which is to draw public attention to the problems of people with disabilities. The result of the run for all its participants was a rethinking of life values, for many - the desired work, some mileage helped to arrange a personal life, create a family.

Our hero is a master of sports in the Paralympic fencing, a prize-winner of dozens of various cups and championships, it will take an hour to list all his sports records. Now Igor is actively preparing for the Paralympic Games..

Disability can be a sentence if a person has sentenced himself

There are hundreds of examples where people, having become disabled, did not fall out of the usual rhythm of life. They also work, plan leisure, create families. If you observe all these people, you can certainly find what unites them - they were able to overcome fear. Fear of living on, being misunderstood or rejected.

Disability, so to speak, is a test of strength. This is a shock, after which life begins anew. She did not become worse, just a person is now seen in a different color. But it is never too late to see bright colors on weekdays, no matter what.

Remember how many talented people, being disabled, gave the world literary and musical works that have become classics, sports records. So maybe the point is not disability, but in relation to life?

Especially for the LordSpecial.ru- Arina Shumskaya


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