Development of intuition

Every morning, starting a new day, we plan what we are going to do today. But besides this, there is a certain feeling inside us - what to expect from the upcoming day. This property of feeling events is intuition. With its help, we perceive the world as a whole.

Intuition tips in our lives - This is not some extra rare cases, but a common occurrence. Each of us probably had moments when something inside was directed to do so and not otherwise, even if this decision went against the rational arguments of logic. However, the life of a modern person is associated with many stressful situations. So that they do not disrupt the work of the psyche, the brain blocks their access to the unconscious. This protects us from strong experiences, but at the same time makes it impossible to hear the clues of intuition.

For the disclosure of intuition and the development of the ability to perceive her voice, there are certain exercises.

Auto Letter

Sit at the table, take a few deep, even breaths and exhalations. Now give yourself the opportunity to record everything that comes to mind. Do not try to force yourself to think about something, just relax and watch your thoughts from the outside. Write them down. "It’s good today on the street. I should go visit my mom. What should I wear to work? Etc."

This exercise is very similar to the method of the morning pages, which allows splashing all extraneous thoughts on paper to clear the mind and awaken creative energy. After a couple of minutes, it would be nice to disconnect a little and allow yourself to get into the world of dreams, keeping track of the mental images that have no relation to reality (river, bird, ship, etc.) that come to your head. Write down everything that comes to mind without assessments and interpretations.. Write within 5 minutes. After that, take a break and start analyzing the written text.

Much of what was written came from the realm of the unconscious. If you analyze everything as a whole, you can see the intuitive tips. For example, an angry dog ​​can mean a meeting with a person whom you fear, a ship - the upcoming trip, a ladder - the opportunity to grow and rise higher in its development (spiritual, professional, personal).

If you did the exercise in the morning, be sure to read the list in the evening. And you will see that a number of characters came to life during the day, and some of them directly indicate your hidden desires. The same ship can mean your desire to leave, relax, travel. Maybe it's time to take a vacation and fulfill the dream?

This is one of the most exciting exercises. It helps to identify both unconscious motives of our activity (hidden desires) and intuition clues: what should we expect. The value of the exercise is that by opening access to intuition in this way, we can receive its clues, regardless of whether we are doing something for it. This happens naturally, without effort, when we listen to internal sensations (reaction to some smells, touches, appearance of images) and are able to separate them from the interventions of the mind.

Holistic perception exercise

Similar to the first exercise, relax and write down everything that comes to mind. After a couple of minutes, direct your attention to the perception of information by all channels. Realize how you feel now. What smell do you smell? What taste on your lips? Do you feel something touching your skin? What images pass before your eyes? What sounds do you hear? Write down. If you do not feel anything, write. "Shoot" information from all channels within 5 minutes.

The main task of the exercise is awaken awareness. Being in the normal state, we use only a part of the perception channels, but at the holistic level all the channels are turned on, this activates the intuition. Learn to listen to your senses.. Everyone has a smell. We often do not feel it, but our susceptible smell receptors do it, and our intuition tells us: "You do not need to communicate with this person." Listen and learn to see everything holistically, taking into account all the channels of perception. This will develop intuition.

Developing intuition, we can ask questions that concern us and get answers, and also understand where to go further and which way to go..

Listen to the intuition, trust it. This is the wisdom of your higher self. She will not deceive!


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