Development of clairvoyance abilities

For someone, clairvoyance is a vision of an aura, for someone it is a prediction of events, for someone it is a reading of other people's thoughts and moods. In general, clairvoyance can be defined as the knowledge of new information without the use of ordinary senses.

Everyone has the gift of clairvoyance.

We all can, to one degree or another, predict events and receive information, especially this is well developed in childhood. The mind of a child is not yet clouded by public influence and lives in a world of emotions and feelings. Everyone can remember from his childhood cases when he just knew that it would be that way or, for example, he could guess who was calling by phone now. If you look at a photo of a stranger, then you can tell a lot about him, just trusting your intuition.

Clairvoyance helps to go beyond the limits of material space and penetrate the thin veil of reality. It can be information about events of the past or the future, thoughts of a person sitting next to each other, or receiving information about events hundreds of kilometers away. Clairvoyants catch more subtle signals that ordinary people cannot grasp, not because they do not know how, but because their perception has been dulled.

Types of clairvoyance

  1. Information comes in the form images, which arise in the thoughts of man.
  2. Man can hear words or phrases, which no one hears and which are important
  3. Getting information through their sensations.
  4. Through knowledge, that is, you know or feel that this will be the case, and not otherwise.

Usually, a person has one type of clairvoyance. Do you know which type is more developed with you? It is not so difficult to determine. Even if you never engage in clairvoyance, all the same, on an intuitive level, we receive and capture any information with one type of clairvoyance. If you usually notice well the moods and emotions of other people, then you have a more developed sensation channel, and if you often manage to predict something with the help of emerging images in your head, then you have figurative clairvoyance.

What does clairvoyance give us?

  • Clairvoyance helps in identifying health problems and diagnosing a disease, and clairvoyance can be useful when even medicine is powerless.
  • When communicating with people, you can feel their thoughts, their intentions regarding you. On the one hand, this gives a positive effect, realizing that he wants and how a person thinks it is easier to build relationships with him, but on the other hand, this often plays a cruel joke with a clairvoyant and he begins to use his abilities at any opportunity and this only worsens his communication with around

  • Planning your own life. The clairvoyant, having learned the important details of his future, can understand how he should act in this or that situation.

Simple tasks for the development and determination of the type of clairvoyance

These tasks are used in the development of clairvoyant abilities in gifted children, but they can also be used by adults at an early stage.

1 task - guess colors of a card

An ordinary deck of cards is taken, mix it up and separate 25 cards from above. Then try to guess what color the top card will be - red or black, and so on until the end of the deck. All correctly guessed cards write down, and in the end look at the result. Trying to determine the color, do not rely on a simple coincidence, but try to look with your inner vision through the map. The first time may not be the best results, but then you can improve your performance. Having trained on guessing the color, you can try to guess not only the color, but also the suit and dignity of the card.

There is another card exercise. It will require another person who will sit back to you. Let him unhurriedly get one card from the deck and focus on color. You at this moment try to tune in his thoughts and determine the color of the card. It is important that your assistant does not think about something else during the exercise and gives you time to think.

2 task - one or two

Ask your assistant to write down one or two digits on a piece of paper, which you then try to guess. Write each result. So repeat 25-30 times. When doing this exercise, do not hesitate and say the first number that comes to mind. Ordinary people guess the number in 50% of cases, but if you get a better result, then this is a good indicator.

Then you can try to guess the numbers ranging from 1 to 10.

3 task - guess my thoughts

You will need cards with the image of ordinary objects, for example, you can take cards with fruits, dishes, books. And pick the same things, only the real ones. Your assistant should get the cards, at the same time, so that you do not see them, and mentally represent in your head the object that is depicted on the card. You have to tune in to the thoughts of an assistant and read the image of the object that he holds in his head.

4 tasks - tell about the subject

Ask your friend to give you something to hold your object - a ring, a talisman, or any other thing valuable to him. Holding it for 15-20 seconds, try to tell about it all that occurred to you, there may be some properties of this object or a related story. Describe everything that you feel as soon as you pick up the object. Then your friend will confirm whether your assumptions are true or not.

Similarly, you can train with the coins that are lying on the street, try to feel who their owner was, how they were lost, etc.

You can do an exercise with a photo of a stranger, holding a photo in your hands, feel his energy, who he is and what he does.

5 task - telepathic

One person sits in another room and draws something not very complicated, such as a sun or an animal. You, having tuned in on his thoughts, are trying to guess what exactly he is drawing.

The gift of clairvoyance can be developed by the method of hard and long training. Many people try to discover these abilities in themselves, but without getting the effect right away, they quit halfway, although they just had to be patient. At every opportunity, try to develop your abilities and soon notice how you discover uncharted facets of the world.

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